GamingFirst-Person ShooterHigh on Life: All Luglox locations in Nipulon Office

    High on Life: All Luglox locations in Nipulon Office

    High On Life have a collection of collectibles called Luglox chests which can be found in each section like Port Terrine, Blim City, etc. One of those places includes the Nipulon Office and you can find 8 Luglox here. We’ll tell you how to discover each Luglox scattered around the Nipulon Office location in this High On Life Port Terrine Luglox Collectible Guide.

    Luglox Location # 1 – 200 Pesos

    Starting from the entrance leading from the Old Town, go towards the fountain. Turn right and you’ll see the chest by the wall on your right.

    Luglox Location # 2 – 300 Pesos

    From the fountain, look for a double arch doorway. Go through the left one and turn into the first compartment here. Inside there you’ll find the second Luglox chest.

    Luglox Location # 3 – 300 Pesos

    Now go to the other side and keep going until you see the compartment on your left. Once you spot it, go inside and collect the treasure.

    Luglox Location # 4 – Galaxy Goofiest gift #5

    Keep going in this way until you reach the Lounge Tower room. From here, look for a doorway with small compartments like you previously saw. Keep passing the door until you see the chest and then step into the corridor to get the chest.

    From this chest you’ll not get pesos but the Galaxy Goofiest gift # 5, Home and Hive Magazine.

    Luglox Location # 5 – 300 Pesos

    Once you reach the part where the pink stuff is bubbling below you, look around the same level for a chest. You may see it on the other side of the chest but that isn’t a problem. You can easily get close enough and open it from the other side.

    Luglox Location # 6 – 100 Pesos

    High On Life Nipulon Office Luglox

    Now go back to the area where you jumped from and keep walking until you reach the end of this level. Once on the edge, you’ll spot the other chest one jump away. Power jump to it and open it easily.

    Luglox Location # 7 – Galaxy Goofiest gift #3

    High On Life Nipulon Office Luglox

    Next look for bugs and different platforms to reach the topmost level. You’ll need to swing several times and use your power jumps a lot. Once you reach the top platform, look for the chest by the grill. You can also get it from outside and if you spot it, just go near it to claim the prize.
    This time it’s another Galaxy Goofiest gift which is # 3, Portal Lubricant.

    Luglox Location # 8 – 100 Pesos

    High On Life Nipulon Office Luglox

    After the final fight, look towards the left side of the room. Here you’ll find the last chest on top of an armchair.

    That’s all for the locations of High on life Luglox in Nipulon Office. For more similar assistance, check out the guides section.

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