GamingRole-PlayingHarvestella Castle of Illusion Puzzle - Complete Solution

    Harvestella Castle of Illusion Puzzle – Complete Solution

    In Harvestella, the Castle of Illusion, also known as Lewis Castle to humans, is part of the main story and appears in chapter 5. Humans consider it to be the house of the king and his daughter, the princess Unicorn seeks. There is a puzzle here that is kind of random and confuses many. This is called Castle of Illusion Puzzle in Harvestella and this guide will help you solve it.

    Castle of Illusion Puzzle

    There are two parts to this puzzle.

    Part 1

    Checking the board at the entrance of the chamber reveals a message. It reveals as follows:

    The path will open to those who visit Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter”

    A glance at the four crystals in the center of the room reveals that they each symbolize one of the four seasons. So the only thing left is to interact with them in the order indicated by the suggestion. Here is the description of each crystal in case they confuse you:

    • Spring: Pink and orange flowers with the green plant in the middle.
    • Summer: Marine plants with bright colors of blue, yellow, and orange.
    • Autumn: Complete orange plants with a hint of white.
    • Winter: Light blue plants with cyan leaves.

    According to the order, you need to interact each one in the order given above which is; Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter. The image below also show them in order.

    When all four crystals are correctly clicked, the door at the other end of the chamber will open, revealing two additional electrical panels and another barred door.
    If you mess up the order, don’t worry, you can start again. The only thing you need to be careful about is that once you get it wrong, some opponents will ambush you. They are not hard to compete with, so there is no problem with making a mistake.

    Part 2 (optional)

    Another quarter of the primary security system is unlocked by one of the panels, while the other displays another grim message:

    “The four demons nest. One emerges from the earth. One locked in ice. One wandering the heavens. One slumbering in a mountain stream.”

    While it’s not as simple as the last one, it employs the same four crystals in a different arrangement. This part of the puzzle is optional because you’ve already unlocked the security system, but completing it rewards you with a rare recipe and some extra resources.

    This makes the order a little different, so here is how you can decipher it:

    • Earth: Summer
    • Ice: Winter
    • Heavens: Spring (because of flowers and beauty. Not sure, but this matches it more than autumn)
    • Mountain Stream: Autumn (can be interpreted from Leaves falling down the stream)

    Solving this puzzle opens the door in the chamber with the clue you just read, leading to the Philosopher’s Orb Recipe and a couple of mining nodes where you can get some Gold Ore. And that’s how both parts of Harvestella Castle of Illusion Puzzle can be solved. For more help in-game, check out the gaming section.

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