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    Harley Quinn quotes proving she is not just Joker’s sidekick

    Harley Quinn is a character that appears in DC Entertainment’s multimedia. Quinn was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in Batman: The Animated Series as a comedic relief female counterpart for the supervillain Joker. Here, we have compiled a few of our favorite Harley Quinn quotes.

    From Joker, Harley got fame as an interesting character on her own. After that appreciation, she landed roles on Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad, and Birds of Prey as a character without Joker. Her fame skyrocketed and now she is a renowned character loved by many.

    With her over-the-top and insanely absurd actions, she has some weirdly good quotes; not pragmatically but they sound nice. So let’s get into the best Harley Quinn quotes compiled together.

    Interestingly Twisted

    “I may be twisted but at least I make it interesting.”

    This quote is short but surely explains Harley Quinn. She is a totally insane person who just seems interesting at this point. With her rise in popularity and multiple movies, she does seem to become a point of interest to many.

    Cheers to the end of the World!

    Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad
    Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad

    “It’s the end of the world. Have a drink with us.”

    No matter what you say, Harley does know how to light up the place. Offering her group drinks so they can finally relax and stop doing the hectic job of heroes in Suicide Squad. Cheers to her for that!

    Compliment on “Perfume”

    “Love your perfume. What is that, The Scent Of Death?”

    Another one of Harley Quinn quotes from Suicide Squad. Even though the film wasn’t praised a lot, Harley’s character skyrocketed from there. Her witty sense of humor is weird but kinda funny. You can’t help but chuckle a bit at that. Who would’ve thought that greeting a murderer would be this funny?

    Explanation of her obsession with Joker

    Harley Quinn and Joker: Comic panel
    Harley Quinn and Joker: Comic panel

    “I found The Joker’s psyche disturbing, his dementia alarming — and his charm irresistible! What can I tell ya? The guy just did it for me.”

    In her own words, Joker’s insanity made her attracted to him. Kinda weird but that is how she works. This is also an interesting take as when we see someone so out of their mind, we become curious and start to take interest in their personality. Not to humanify Harley but that may be what happened.

    Broken Differently, Whole together

    “But the clown-spankin’ truth is this, our strength comes not from being whole, but from bein’ broken differently. Because there’s enough of us, we are whole together.”

    This quote may be from the most insane person in the DC universe but it does have a lot of truth in it. Two people who are broken do connect as they have similar experiences. There is also truth in the fact that people who have experienced some harsh realities learn to be stronger. So, nice words, Harley!

    Guide 101: How to become Harley Quinn

    Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey
    Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

    “Number one, no one is like me. If you wanted to even come close, you would have to go to medical school. Become a psychiatrist. Work in an asylum. Fall in love with your patient. Break said patient out of said asylum. Begin a life of crime. Jump into a vat of chemicals to prove yourself to a madman. Get arrested by the Batman. Go back to jail. Get out of jail with a bomb on your neck. Save the world, go back to jail, and break out of jail before breaking up with the aforementioned madman, and going out on your own. Number two…

     [picks up a bottle of water]

    Six bucks for tap water with a fucking cucumber stick in it? That’s crazy. I’m not shopping at this store. I’m robbing this store. Consider this your first lesson: paying is for dummies.” 

    Birds of Prey was a movie solely based on the evolution of Harley Quinn. The quote shows that she is fully aware of her background and that what she did was not right but still accepts it as normal. She narrates her whole story from start to finish. And no, it’s not a guide…

    Another thing to take away is how fast she moves from one topic to another. Short attention span problems, we get it.

    Priorities Matter!

    Harley Quinn: TV series
    Harley Quinn: TV series

    “I’m having a BAD DAY! I’m sick of people trying to shoot me, run me over, or blow me up! I didn’t even get to keep my new dress. And I actually paid for it.”

    She does have a point. Until the Suicide Squad movie, Harley was just known as the counterpart of Joker. When she finally gets to be herself and show what she really is, she is not taken seriously. Her frustration is valid. All are correct in this until she whines about her dress. Now now, Harley, the dress shouldn’t be your priority during a war.

    That’s not a solution Harley!

    Harley Quinn: The Suicide Squad
    Harley Quinn: The Suicide Squad

    “I made a promise to myself that the next time I got a boyfriend I would be on the lookout for red flags and if I saw anything I’d do the healthy thing and murder him.”

    Nothing less could be expected of Harley. This is absurd but considering how messed up her situation has been from being with Joker in Suicide Squad 2, we can understand her recovery is gonna take a long time. Also, points for at least looking out for Red Flags.

    Harsh Reality

    “What, you were just… Thinking you can have a happy family and coach little leagues, and make car payments? Normal’s a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don’t get normal!”

    Harley Quinn does seem aware of her and her group’s condition and is not dreaming whatsoever. This quote is her reminding others that no matter what they do, they are criminals and nothing would change for them. This is also a sad reality that we never let criminals turn back to the good life and start fresh. We are always reminding them of their crimes and shortcoming, making them lose hope and turn back. Be nice and don’t be delusional.

    Who wants to be Mad by choice?

    Harley Quinn: Injustice 2
    Harley Quinn: Injustice 2

    “Maybe we choose madness. Maybe it chooses us. I don’t know. Once, a long time ago, I was Dr. Harleen Quinzel, psychotherapist. Maybe she’d have known. But let’s imagine, for a second, that we do choose madness. Why would anyone do that, do you think? Perhaps it’s because the insane realize, at some quantum emotional level, that we are alone in this indifferent universe and always will be. And madness is company. Another voice in the wilderness. White noise to break the silence you ain’t ever coming back from…”

    The final quote is the philosophy of madness and one of the best Harley Quinn quotes ever. This quote explains the cycle of a psychotherapist turned mad person who is nowhere near fine. She constantly questions her journey and ponders on why is she mad. She puts two possibilities of being born mad or becoming mad and both may be possible. Applause for a good thought by Harley Quinn, our insane queen.

    We have now reached the end of the list of Harley Quinn quotes. Do tell us which one was most interesting to you. We have also covered a different type of criminal, Walter White’s quotes so do check his thoughts too.

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