GamingGuide to unlock Knighthood ability in Gotham Knights

    Guide to unlock Knighthood ability in Gotham Knights

    Gotham Knights has various cool bonuses that can be obtained via the character’s skill trees and leans more heavily on RPG features. The Gotham Knights Knighthood ability that each player can earn is one of Gotham Knights’ most intriguing features. To gain access to the Knighthood skill, you must accomplish Knighthood Challenges.

    Knighthood Challenge

    These challenges will surface only once you have completed the first night on patrol in Gotham City as the first character. The set of Knighthood Challenges can be found on the Challenges tab of the Batcomputer. For each character’s specific Knighthood skill tree to be unlocked, do these challenges for each character for the respective knighthood ability.

    Timed Strike Training: Complete the Time Strike Training

    The first mission you’ll need to do is to complete the basic strike training. To start, navigate to Belfry’s training dummy, select Advanced Training, and then Timed Strikes.

    Even if it shows a green checkmark next to it, you must still do it for each hero. It only takes you a few minutes to complete so it’s quite easy to do.

    One Step Ahead: Stop Premeditated Crimes

    This objective requires you to prevent ten premeditated offenses while out on patrol. Use your AR scanner to search for purple triangle symbols on the map. This will point to a location where you can defeat foes and gain information. You will earn more points if you question an adversary.

    If you’re having trouble finding crimes to solve, try interrogating as many offenders as you can before returning to the Belfry. This quest can be a bit tiring so it’s better to do it when you are fresh and ready for a little grind. Also, it’s better to do this at night as that is when most of the crimes happen.

    Against All Odds: Defeat Minibosses

    This challenge requires you to battle three minibosses scattered throughout Gotham. It makes no difference whether you encounter them in the open world or during missions. A miniboss is somebody who leads a group of normal foes. They are often larger in size and have a shield/unique skill that allows them to be easily identified.

    To confirm who qualifies as a miniboss, go to the Database page. You’ll discover a section of all the factions in the game under Profiles that will assist you to learn their hierarchy.

    Knighthood Abilities

    BatgirlGliderCan fly through the air with her cape.
    Fastest among all the Knighthood skills.
    Similar to the traditional Batman gliding.
    Can also be used to jump on unsuspecting opponents.
    NightwingFlying TrapezeA motorized glider ability that allows you to travel at high speeds through the air.
    Incredibly useful for traveling about and can even be utilized in battle.
    Slower than some of the other knighthood skills, but it’s fun and experimental to use.
    RobinSlidewaysCauses a portal to open and teleport Robin to a nearby location. A location you can decide)
    Not as fluid as the other heroes’ powers, it is nevertheless cool and can help players move across Gotham quite swiftly.
    Not fast but teleportation can save a lot of time.
    Red HoodMystical LeapCauses to magically leap through the air.
    Due to his use of the Lazarus Pits, Red Hood has gained access to supernatural energy that he can utilize to traverse the city at breakneck rates.
    A little awkward at times but one of the coolest skills among others.

    With that, it’s the end for the Gotham Knights Knighthood ability guide. For more help in your games, check out the Guides section on our site Retrology.

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