GamingUnlock all Capital Ships in Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

    Unlock all Capital Ships in Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

    Players can command one of five Capital Ships in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Many classic Star Wars locations and ships may be found in the Skywalker Saga. in this guide, we have covered how to unlock all of the Capital Ships in Lego Star Wars, as well as how to summon them.

    After unlocking the Capital Ships you will have to buy them through Studs. If you are running low on Studs fear not as we have also covered a way to get unlimited studs in Skywalker Saga. Along with this we have also covered cheat codes that can help you in the game.

    Unlock the Death Star

    The Death Star and the Executor are among the Capital Ships available in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and we have explained how to unlock them all below.

    You must first complete Episode 4 of the Campaign, ‘A New Hope,’ in order to unlock the Death Star. After that is completed, proceed to Coruscant’s Federal District. Once you’ve completed these two steps, head to Yavin 4’s Great Temple hanger and speak with the Rebel Engineer stationed there.

    He will assign you the side quest ‘Operation Stardust,’ which you must finish. You’ll be able to buy the Death Star after that’s done. To get it, go to Holoprojector’s Ships tab and buy the Death Star for 5 million Studs.

    Unlock the Death Star 2

    To unlock the Death Star 2, you must complete ‘Return of the Jedi,’ Episode 6 of the campaign. When you’ve completed it, head to Endor’s Ewok Village. To begin the ‘Doom Ball III’ side quest, speak with the Ewok engineer.

    You’ll be able to buy the Death Star 2 from the Holoprojector if you finish this side mission. It’ll set you back 2 million Studs.

    Unlock the ‘Executor’ Capital Ship

    The unlocking process for the Executor Capital Ship differs differently from that of the Death Starships. To unlock this ship, go to the space zones of Tatooine or Bespin in free roam mode. Participate in these areas’ ongoing space fights until the Executor appears.

    Destroy the Executor’s defences before jumping on top of it to clear out the enemies within. You can purchase the Executor for 5 million Studs after it’s finished.

    Unlock the ‘Steadfast’ Capital Ship

    This Capital ship can be unlocked in the same way as the Executor. Make your way to Exogol, Jakku, Cantgonica, or Pasaana’s space zones and participate in space combat until Steadfast appears at random. Destroy and clear the inside of the ship, then unlock and purchase it for 3 million Studs.

    Unlock the Trade Federation Battleship

    The Trade Federation Battleship is the fifth Capital ship, and it, like the Steadfast and the Executor, can be unlocked. To summon the Capital ship, travel to the Naboo or Geonosis space zones and engage in space fights. The Battleship of the Trade Federation costs 3 million studs to purchase.

    Summon a Capital Ship

    Make your way to the Space Areas to summon an owned Capital Ship. When you arrive, use the Holoprojector to open the Ship’s page and summon the ship of your choice, which will emerge in a few minutes.

    That is all for Capital Ships guide. For more content on this new and rising game be sure to check out our site.

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