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    Guide to Te Salutant Challenge in Overwatch 2

    Overwatch 2 is filled with challenges, and matches. You can have a lot of fun with great teammates. And you will get a lot of rewards like a good amount of XP. There are many challenges waiting for you in Battle Pass Season 1. Te Salutant Challenge happens to be one of them. I have listed down the details and proper guidelines in the Overwatch 2 Te Saluant Challenge guide. Let’s start to know all.

    Overwatch 2: Te Salutant Challenge

    Overwatch 2: Te Salutant Challenge
    Overwatch 2: Te Salutant Challenge

    Te Salutant Challenge is one of the challenges in Battle Season 1. Just like the Hometown Advantage Challenge. But it isn’t easy at all. Te Salutant Challenge is one of the trickiest and toughest challenges you will face in Overwatch 2. Your mission is to earn five eliminations while you will be listening to cheers sounds from the crowds gathered on the Colosseo Map.

    You will earn 500 XP as a reward on the completion of this challenge. Well, you might think this isn’t tricky if you figure out a way to listen to the crowd. This is how it becomes tricky. I will guide you through how you can get to listen to the crowd.

    Listen to the crowd on Colosseo Map in Te Salutant Challenge

    This is the tough part here. To listen to the crowd, you have to gather them. This can be done easily with a match. Set up a match in order to gather the crown in the Colosseo Map. Once the crowds have gathered as a huge mass, you need to get close to the arena.

    Next, make sure you position yourself close to the audience. Then, you can closely listen to them. They will be cheering for the Gladiators to win. And you need to complete your 5 elimination score quickly.

    Best Strategies for Te Salutant Challenge

    Best Strategies for Te Salutant Challenge
    Best Strategies for Te Salutant Challenge

    This is also a part of the challenge. You need to earn a score of five elimination in the challenge as well. I would recommend you have the best damage-providing heroes with you on the team. It would be idealistic if they could perform long-range kills.

    Hanzo, Ashe, Widowmaker, and Soldier:1776 are good heroes as teammates for long-distance kills. If you need to relocate you can wander around the close areas of the Colosseum area. You can also use the offensive tank heroes for the job.

    Make sure to stay close as you have to hear what the crowd cheers. And do the elimination score. This is why it’s one of the trickiest challenges in Battle Pass 1 as you cannot move out of the audible range of crowds. So, try to get the elimination score done by staying in range. A point to remember is that you cannot complete this challenge in Custom Match Mode.

    In the end, you can complete the challenge and get 500 XPs. The overwatch 2 Te Salutant Challenge Guide is detailed so you pick the important points. And earn good XP. Go ahead and get yours.

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