GamingGuide to Seven League Boots SBC Solution in FIFA 23

    Guide to Seven League Boots SBC Solution in FIFA 23

    There is no disputing that the FIFA Ultimate Team is the main reason why the majority of players and fans of the FIFA series adore this game. Soccer players like spending countless hours practicing and creating their ideal squad. Players can earn experience points (XP) and card packs that can be utilized later by completing tasks. If you are new and want some help with FIFA 23 Seven League Boots, continue scrolling below here to understand and learn the basics.

    The Seven League Boots for FIFA 23 SBC is one of the early squad-building challenges in the Hybrid Leagues set. In the football game, you must put together a team from seven different leagues while also requiring a minimum of one chemistry point for each player. Filling the 11 spaces with players from the same nation may seem like the simplest solution to these issues, but high-rated players from lower-level leagues are frequently rather pricey.

    Reach the Required Level

    One of the challenges in the Advanced Hybrid Leagues is the FIFA 23 Seven League Boots SBC. You need to complete several requirements before this challenge.

    Team requirement

    You must assemble a team that satisfies the following standards to accomplish the Seven League Boots SBC:

    • You must have 7 players from different leagues.
    • Max 3 can be taken from the same league.

    Chemistry requirement

    Team chemistry is important along with choosing the right players. Make sure your team have an average chemistry rating of at least 18. This is the minimum for every player with others.

    Score requirement

    Before going into the challenge, make sure that your team has the score of 78 or more as this is the minimun requirement.

    Player Selection

    The following players, who are the cheapest and fit into the Seven League Boots SBC the best, are the most practical to use. A list of the most qualified and affordable players for each position is required. Some of these are not the cheapest option but are still low enough to get you through without costing much.

    GoalkeeperGuaita (Crystal Palace)
    Lecomte (Espanyol)
    Centre BacksUmtiti (Lecce)
    Tuta (Eintracht Frankfurt)
    Lejeune (Raya Vallecano)
    Caldara (Spezia Calcio)
    Thomas (Caem)
    Andre Ramalho (PSV)
    Centre MidfieldersKeita (Liverpool)
    Unai Vecedor (Athletic Club)
    Fulgini (Mainz)
    Campana (Inter Milan)
    Sergio Oliveira (Galatasaray)
    Left MidfieldersDiop (Nice)
    Toni Villa (Girona)
    Left WingersBamba (Lille)
    Pedro (Lazio)
    Right MidfieldersBuendia (Aston Villa)
    Rochina (Granada)
    Right Wingers Kulesevski (Spurs)
    Suso (Sevilla)
    Strikers: Rafa Mir (Sevilla)
    Beaughel (Al-Wehda)

    With all these members, each of them can make up for their role according to how strong they want their position to be. Yes, the budget can also be kept in check and for that, you can make a team by preferring a mix of both mediocre and excellent players. There is no rule that you have to choose all from the same team so experiment around and see what sticks the best.

    That is all you’ll need to know about FIFA 23 Seven League Boots team selection and requirements. Want to compete for FIFA 23 POTM Valverde SBC Card next? Head over to this POTM guide to learn more.

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