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    Guide to save Ryo in Digimon Survive

    Digimon Survive has a mysterious scene where Ryo disappears in the fog. It’s quite challenging to save from these unfortunate events. In this guide of Digimon Survive to save Ryo is our priority. Let’s begin our rescue operation.

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    Digimon Survive Guide: Save Ryo

    One of the main kid characters from Digimon Survive is Ryo. Digimon Survive is a role-playing character game of survival. Your wrong actions can badly affect the character’s gameplay and have bad consequences. He faced an unfortunate event where he disappeared into the parallel world of Digimon. Here, we need to start from the beginning of the gameplay.

    First Playthrough: Ryo’s death

    First Playthrough: Ryo's death
    First Playthrough: Ryo’s death

    Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to save Ryo in the first playthrough as you couldn’t earn enough affinity points to save him. Sadly, he’s doomed.

    But he faced his death in Chapter 3 following the battle with Cyclonemon. He is haunted by the memories of his dead mother and blurs his vision to see the specter’s manipulations. Totally confused by this ongoing situation. He was dragged into the fog by some ghostly hands. After which, Kunemon says that Ryo is no more and vanishes away.

    No matter how hard you try you cannot change his fate. There’s no use in feeling guilty as Ryo has to die regardless of your decisions. So, now you have to look for a way to save Ryo ahead to delay his death.

    Save Ryo: Complete the first playthrough

    You have put on much more work in Digimon Survive to bring Ryo to life. You have to complete your first playthrough to know the details and choose any ending. You have to choose two out of three Karma-aligned endings and one “bad ending”.

    But here, you have to make sure that you have not selected the option of Never Come Back in the worldly battle of Takuma and Miyuki. Then, you will be able to move forward and choose any kind of ending.

    Save Ryo: New Game+ playthrough

    Save Ryo: New Game+ playthrough
    Save Ryo: New Game+ playthrough

    The new game+ playthrough will be the retrieved file but not an entirely new one. You will have many opportunities for Ryo and Takuma to interact and exchange dialogues to increase their affinity.

    You need to increase Ryo’s affinity by more than 30- 35. With this mark, we can save Ryo when he encounters the fog. He will swift out of the fog immediately as soon you select the option of “Of course, we’ll help !”

    Finally, you have to save Ryo in the end after all the efforts. You need to save Ryo and Shuuji to have the true ending of the game. Here are the crucial details of the Digimon Survive Save Ryo guide. You have to follow the steps in order to delay Ryo’s death. Luckily, he still stands a chance.

    For more guides, go through our guide page and gain more details.

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