Guide to Perform All New Celebrations in FIFA 23

    There is a fun feature in FIFA 23 which gives you the chance to perform a number of amazing and referential celebrations. These are after you score a goal against your opponent to flex on them. Here is a quick guide on all the FIFA 23 celebrations and some signature moves which includes the controls to perform them and their references to real football.

    PlayStation Controls

    As FIFA 23 can be played on both Xbox and PlayStation, there are some differences in controls. Here is how to perform the celebrations on PlayStation.

    GriddyR2 + Up, Up
    GamerR1 + Right, Left
    Eye of the stormR1 + Rotate joystick left
    Sliding saluteR1 + Right (hold both)
    Slide into poseR1 + Down (hold both)
    Arm SwingL1 + Right, Left

    Xbox Controls

    Here is how to perform the celebrations on Xbox.

    GriddyRT + Up, Up
    GamerRB + Right, Left
    Eye of the stormRB + Rotate joystick left
    Sliding saluteRB + Right (hold both)
    Slide and flexRB + Down (hold both)
    Arm SwingLB + Right, Left

    Explanation of Celebrations

    Different celebrations are derived from different instances. Here are some that we know of from the already present ones in the list.

    Gamer Celebration: Diogo Jota’s new celebration was to FIFA 23 which he typically does following a goal. This is done by crossing his legs as though he were sitting down and playing a video game.

    Gamer celebration

    Griddy Celebration: Allen Davis’ celebration has become well-known in the NFL. It contains easy-to-learn moves like heel-hopping and bringing your hands to your eyes to indicate “OK.” You swing your arms back and forth and say that again.

    Giddy celebration

    Eye of the storm: In this celebration, the player puts a hand up to their eye, and other hand swings around signaling a storm/tornado.

    Eye of the storm celebration

    Sliding Statue: It is a pretty common celebration and is quite evident from the name. The player slides forward on their knees and stay still while they slide.

    Sliding statue celebration

    Slide and Flex: Similar to the sliding statue, this makes the player slide but they flex their muscles afterward.

    Slide and flex celebration

    Arm Swing: The loose arm swing which is a fun and easy move for celebration.

    Arm swing celebration

    Other Signature Celebrations

    There are several signature celebrations and all of them are really simple. You just need to choose that player while playing on your team. After a goal, press X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) and the cutscene for the celebration will appear.


    This is Mbappe exclusive. In this celebration, the player will show the action of throwing money.

    MOney mbappe

    Low Five and Flex

    It is exactly what it sounds like. The players do a low five with someone and flex. This is Firminho signature move.

    Low Five and Flex

    Spread Arms

    This is Haaland’s signature in which he spreads out his arms wide for a while.

    Spread Arms haaland

    Eye of the Tiger

    Pulsic Signature move which can only be his due to the unique tattoo. He puts the tiger tattoo on his arm over his eyes to signify tiger eyes as his.

    Eye of the Tiger

    That’s all for all the main and signature FIFA 23 celebrations that you can use at the moment. For more guides, check out the guides section on our site Retrology.

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