GamingFirst-Person ShooterGuide to Overwatch 2 “Photozomb” Wrath of the Bride Challenge

    Guide to Overwatch 2 “Photozomb” Wrath of the Bride Challenge

    Players are required to pose with the bride during her presentation in Wrath of the Bride for the Overwatch 2 Photozomb challenge, a part of the Halloween Event. But because of the vague description, the process can be difficult to understand. This guide will help you with detailed instructions on how to pose with the bride during Photozomb in Overwatch 2.

    This Halloween, Photozomb is the challenge where you have to complete the whole level in order to open the entrance at the back of the castle and get to the lord’s chambers. In this way, it can be one of the most time-consuming challenges.

    Another thing to consider is that you need a character who can move around swiftly so choose the one that has speed-related abilities i.e. SojournLucio, etc.

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    How to complete the Challenge

    First off, it should be noted that the Photozomb Challenge is only available in the last phase of the PvE mode, in the location where the Lord of the Castle needs to be saved. So you’ll have to get there first.

    Strike a pose with the bridge during her entrance in Wrath of the Bride, according to the “Photozomb” Challenge’s in-game description in Overwatch 2. According to the task, players simply need to hurry to the location where Sombra first appears beneath the platform and wait for the monochrome cutscene to start.

    You must almost complete the Wrath of the Bride in order to photobomb the actual Bride. Your chance has almost come once you uncover the castle’s interior room. The moment the door opens, be prepared to move swiftly. The Lord of Adlersbrunn is lying under a sheet on the left side of the room as the inner door opens, so dash in as soon as it does.

    When you reach the Lord of Adlersbrunn, leap onto him and climb as near as you can to the upper platform of the room. It would be best if you could leap onto the platform itself. You have a limited amount of time to complete all of the things before the Bride appears and the camera focuses on her.

    You have successfully finished the challenge if you can see your hero in the zoomed-in image and you receive the notification “Challenge accomplished: Photozomb” after completing the round.

    Are Emotes Important?

    However, participants do not need to make any motions or Emotes in order to finish the Challenge. If you want to do an emote, as this is a one-chance opportunity, you can. Just make sure the emote is in progress before the event so that you won’t lose your timing with it.

    Try Again if You Fail

    Since the Bride’s cutscene won’t repeat until all the goals have been completed, anyone who failed to complete “Photozomb” throughout the mission will need to redo the full Wrath of the Bride. Thankfully, this Arcade Mode instance is brief and should be finished within 15 minutes. It may take you a long if you’re playing in a higher difficulty but not long enough to lose interest to reach Overwatch 2 Photozomb level again.

    If you are failing because of coordination, you can choose to play with friends rather than strangers. If you still have to play with strangers, make sure to communicate so you know everyone is on the same page.

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