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    Guide to Lost Ark It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest

    From collectibles like mokoko seeds to songs like heavenly harmony, Lost Ark is packed with numerous tasks that will surely keep you entertained. However, today we will be focusing on a quest named “It’s Okay Miss Fairy” which is basically part of a chain quest that is necessary to complete in order to get your hands on Forest’s Minuet song. Nevertheless, without proper guidance, it might get a bit confusing so in this guide, we will be helping you with everything you need to know in order to complete Lost Ark It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest.

    It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest

    Before you run into it, do make sure that you have the ability to sail, song of Resonance, and at least level 50 of your character. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start this quest. Now, the first thing you need to do is make your way to Lullaby island and since this island is not available all the time, you will have to check the in-game schedule in order to access it.

    Once you have made your way to Lullaby island, here you will have to interact with Traveler Eclipse, who will give you a chain of quests to complete, and It’s Okay Miss Fairy quest is the third one on the list.

    Location of 3 Fairies

    To proceed with the quest you basically will have to find 3 fairies, which are invisible. Yes you heard that right, all three fairies are invisible, so here are the exact locations of all of them:

    Lost Ark It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest
    Lost Ark hidden fairies

    Interact with all of the fairies one by one and in order. Each one of them will ask you some questions that you have to answer, make sure to answer them correctly otherwise you will have to start all over again. Here are all the correct answers.

    • Fairy #1: (1-1-2) whistle > wait > whistle
    • Fairy #2: (2–2–1–1) Kisel > Remember > Gift > Wait quietly
    • Fairy #3: (1–1–2–2–1–1) Listen with your back to her > I’m listening > I’ll look for one > Sure > No worries. I’m an adventurer
    Lost Ark It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest
    Lost Ark hidden fairies

     Magick Melody Event

    Once you have successfully answered all of the answers asked by fairies, now you will have to make your way to the right side of the map where you will find a secret entrance. This entrance will lead you to a co-op event, however, it’s not available all the time, so you might have to come here after an hour or so if it’s closed.

    Lost Ark It’s Okay Miss Fairy Quest

    Once you find the secret entrance available, right before entering you will have to play Song of Resonance to remove the vines that are blocking the way. Also, note that you need three Voice of the Forest items, so you have to complete this even three times to get them.

    A chest can be found at the end of this trail once the area has opened up, the chest will soon open up, giving you a magic melody quest. Now, you will have to play the Song of Resonance to complete the quest.

    Now wait for a tree to bloom and it will give you a chest of sleeping tunes as a prize. Open up your inventory and then open the chest to get your hands on Voice of the Forest. As mentioned earlier, you need three of Voice of the Forest, so complete the event 2 more times to get your hands on all three of them.

    Back to Fairy #3

    Now that you have successfully completed the event 3 times, head back to the invisible fairy to receive Forest’s Minuet Song as a reward.

    There you have it, that is all on Lost Ark It’s Okay Miss Fairy quest guide. Let us know in the comment section below which guide should we cover next. For more Lost Ark guides, keep following Retrology.

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