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    Guide to Gotham Knights all Street Art Locations

    The brand new Gotham Knights of heroes from Gotham City are here to give you a glimpse of heroic life. And also its struggles and challenges. Gotham City is beautiful because of its people and its beauty. Street art adds its beauty too. You as a player will have to complete a collectible challenge too. Let’s begin to know more about the Gotham Knights Street Art challenge.

    Gotham Knights: Street Art

    Gotham City is decorated with beautiful murals art, graffiti artworks, and street artwork. Your challenge will be to search for the specific twelve mural art pieces in various districts of Gotham City. They will be of good dimensions and will be easily visible. Here are the 12 Street Art locations of the mural artwork in Gotham City.

    Stolen Gotham in Cauldron

    Stolen Gotham is the mural artwork on the western side of Upper Cauldron. I would recommend you take Madison Street from Financial District. As it will be very spot and will have a high wire fence to protect it from pedestrians.

    Faces of Gotham in Cauldron

    Faces of Gotham is a black paint artwork that you need to find. For a shorter route, you can take the route to the bridge from the south side of Paris Island. As you reach there, Jump to the eastern side o the bridge and the artwork will be right in front of you.

    Green Gotham in Financial District

    This street art is the easiest to spot. As you exit The Belfry, you can see the art on the building directly in front of you. Quickly grapple it from there to add it to your collection.

    Simpler Times in Old Gotham

    Simpler Times artwork can be easily spotted on a building situated on the east of the Gotham City Cathedral. To be more precise, it’s in the middle of Rosserie Street, and directly in front of Crowne Avenue junction.

    Gotham Piers at Tricorner Island

    Gotham Piers artwork will be on a building that is located between St. Adrian Avenue and Hawkins Avenue. You can spot it either way you enter from Tricorner Island street or Bowery.

    Our Friend Joe in West End Street

    You can easily the mural painting of Our Friend Joe when in a building that’s close to a petrol station. As you move towards the bridge that connects Financial Street with West End. As you reach its end, you can see the mural.

    Born This Way on West End Street

    Head towards the northeast side of West End Street. Or reach the location where Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue connect. You can clearly see the painting of a creepy baby.

    Origins of Evil in Otisburg Street

    This artwork will be hard to find as you can miss it easily. It’s on the Otisurg and Bowery borderline. I have found the most convenient path for you. Move to the north of Gardener Street which will be on the eastern side of the Wayne Tower. You will see a bridge over there. Under the bridge, move to the left side and you’ll see the Origins of Evil artwork.

    Lyceum Mural on Bowery Street

    Head towards the bridge that links Bowery to Bristol. Search for artwork on a building on the right side of the junction road. You can spot it there.

    See Us at Bristol Street

    On the southern side of Bristol Street, there will be a courtyard in the middle of the tower blocks. You can clearly see the See Us mural.

    The March of Crabs on Robinson Park Street

    This artwork will be partially hidden beneath the borderline area of Robinson Park and Gotham Heights. And under the tunnel of Chambers Street. The mural will be spotted as you go under the tunnel.

    GCU on Gotham Heights Street

    Head towards Gotham Heights Street from the bridge that connects with the West End. Take the first right from the bridge. And you will see the mural art on the left-hand side of the floral Shop.

    Finally, you have earned the trophy. Good job. For more gaming guides, check the Guides section of Retrology.

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