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    Guide to Gotham Knights all secret identity compromised locations

    Want to know how to get The Solid Alibi Trophy? Look no further as this guide will show you where to find all of the Secret Identity Compromised in Gotham Knights. The game has 5 Secret Identity Compromised. The Solid Alibi trophy or achievement is obtained by locating all the locations and interacting with the tablets.

    They are indicated by white Icons on the map and become accessible after finishing Main Case 01: Batman’s Last Case. To finish the task, you must interact with a tablet terminal to insert data about Bruce Wayne. This needs to be done in order to supply him with an Alibi and secure his Batman identity. You must accomplish this without being discovered.

    Also after every part of the task, you’ll need to go to Belfry before going for the next one.

    Location # 1 – West End

    Location 1

    The first Secret Identity Compromised action can be found on top of the Gotham City Gazette building in the West End district. To ascend to the top of the building, use your grappling hook. Be mindful not to fall in front of a camera. By pushing Down on the D-Pad, you may use the AR Scan to detect all the cameras and the related panels to turn them off.

    Disable the cameras in the path and go to the panel needed to interact. It would be a small platform with few stairs. To finish the task, get close to the terminal and push the interaction button.

    Location # 2 – West End

    Location 2

    The next Secret Identity Compromised event will similarly take place in the West End district, on one of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit’s roofs. Keep a lookout for a GCPD Assault Officer who is monitoring the bottom area in circles this time around. The server we need access to is located behind the security system, which must be turned off before contacting the server. Turn off the cameras on the second floor and the one directly in front of the security system.

    Wait for the policeman to cross the security system while both cameras are turned off. Once he’s gone, use the nearby switch to stop the security system and connect to the server to finish the job.

    Location # 3 – Southside

    Location 3: Gotham Knights secret identity compromised

    The third location is the WAYNETECH building in the Southside district. Use the alternative entry for the building because the basic one is risky. You can access the balcony through the vent system on the right side while facing the entrance to the WAYNETECH building. Inside, all but one of the security lasers, cameras, and pressure plates may be turned off via a panel.

    To get to the glass platform above the pressure plates, then, utilize your grappling hook. Then, to gain entry to the area, jump down between the boundary of the security fence and access the panel for data entry.

    Location # 4 – Old Gotham

    Location 4: Gotham Knights secret identity compromised

    The next location is in the Old Gotham district, in the backyard of the GCPD Central building there. When you arrive, you’ll discover that the encrypted server is surrounded by pressure plates and is protected by two GCPD Officers. To deactivate the security devices, you must use the following panels in the following order:

    1. In cabin
    2. To the right of the grill.

    Remember that you only have 15 seconds to complete this task, so be quick. Also, try to time the disabling of the pressure plates with the placement of the police officers to avoid getting detected when jumping over. Once inside the fence, interact with the panel.

    Location # 5 – Financial District

    Location 5: Gotham Knights secret identity compromised

    Get to the Iceberg Lounge in Financial District’s west side region to complete the last secret identity task. To access the machine, you must enter the building through one of the several air vent entrances. Once inside, you’ll have to walk through a room filled with blinking red lasers, and your path will be barred by a red light camera. You may need to break one or two of these cameras for safe access as they don’t have a way to disable them.

    Once you’ve gone through that area, simply follow the trail to the last machine, which would be just ahead of the laser blockers. Here you can have the last secret identity compromised for Batman in Gotham Knights along with the end of the task.

    After this, you can return to Belfry for the last time and get The Solid Alibi trophy or achievement.

    If you’re stuck in some of the tasks and need help in finding Secret Cache LocationsStreet Art Locations, or how to unlock Knighthood ability, you can check their respective guides here.

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