Guide to Golden Vow in Elden Ring

    Ashes of War in Elden Ring are special items that enable you to upgrade the Weapon Skills and Affinities of your equipment. They can be applied to most of the weapons and shields you will get your hands on so you can adapt each type of armament to your preferred Build and play style. In this guide, we will tell you how Golden Vow is one of the best PvE incantations in Elden Ring about its use and stats.

    Golden Vow is an important Ash of War that provides players with Sacred affinity and the Golden Vow Skill. It adds Holy Damage and Faith scaling, decreases physical damage, and most damage negation.

    Golden Vow Skill

    This Ash of War grants an armament of the following skill:

    “Golden Vow: Skill passed down from antiquity among the knights of the capital. Raise armament aloft and pledge to honor the Erdtree in battle, granting self and nearby allies increased attack power and defense.”

    Golden Vow
    Golden Vow in Elden Ring


    It can be applied to these weapons, including melee armaments:

    • Daggers
    • Straight Swords
    • Greatswords
    Golden Vow
    Greatsword in Elden Ring
    • Colossal Swords
    • Curved Swords
    • Curved Greatswords
    • Katanas
    • Twinblades
    • Thrusting Swords
    • Heavy Thrusting Swords
    • Hammers
    • Great Hammers
    • Axes
    • Greataxes
    • Flails
    • Spears
    • Great Spears
    • Halberds
    • Reapers
    • Fists
    • Claws
    • Whips
    • Colossal Weapons


    It can be used with the following affinity Upgrades: 

    • Standard
    • Heavy
    • Keen
    • Quality
    • Lightning
    • Sacred


    You will come across this Ash of War in northern parts of Limgrave, where you started the game. Golden Halberd, forged with gold and wielded by the tree sentinels, has the default skill of Golden Vow. 

    You can obtain it by defeating a powerful boss. It will be dropped by a mounted Godrick Knight on the cliff southwest above the Deathtouched Catacombs when defeated. Learn more about the Elden Ring bosses here

    Limgrave contains over 20 of these ashes and most of them are obtained from defeating different enemies and bosses.

    How to Use

    It can be used like other Ashes of War i.e. by placing it into a secondary weapon that you barely use. Before engaging in a battle, equip the weapon and use the skill which will grant buffs, then equip your primary weapon.

    Golden Vow
    Ash of War: Golden Vow in Elden Ring

    To cast it, you will require 40 FP and the buff lasts about 45 seconds.


    Golden Vow Incantation grants the same buffs as the Golden Vow Ash of War. To use the incantation, you would rather need a Seal than a weapon and 47 FP to cast it. There is no chronological order to this, so you can cast however

    Spell Requirements

    Requirements: 25 Faith

    Cost: 47 FP, 50 Stamina

    Memory Slots Used: 1

    This was all about the Golden Vow Elden Ring. You can visit our guides page to find more Elden Ring guides. To discover more incantations and items in Elden Ring, keep following Retrology.

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