Guide to Glintstone Key Location in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring offers its players immense ground to explore, complete quests, and grab important items along the way. Some of these items, however, might be more important than the others and you will need them to bring the game storyline to an end.

    Glintstone Key, also known as the academy key, performs very crucial to the quest line. Being one of the key items in the game, it is used to open the academy’s two sealed gates. Key Items in Elden Ring include a wide variety of items found in specific locations or are given by related NPCs which are used to unlock areas and quests and to progress the game’s story further.

    Introduction to the Key

    You will be first introduced to the Glintstone Key in the Elden Ring by Sorcerer Thops when you arrive at the Lakes. Both the key and the Academy seal it unlocks will be found within the same region.

    To conclude the Thops quest, you will have to return to him with the second key too. 

    Location of the Key

    You can get your hands on this key at the following locations:

    Location 1

    Liurnia of the Lakes, south from Crystalline Woods site of grace, behind Glintstone Dragon Smarag. 

    Head to the Raya Lucaria Academy south gates and you will find a Meeting Place Map next to the seal, which will give you a clue of where to find the Glintstone Key. 

    If you plan to approach the dragon samurag from the south, the dragon will be sleeping in an alcove that blocks the way to the items. You can always squeeze yourself past him to reach these items! 

    No matter how much you tiptoe around him, the dragon might still wake but you will have more than enough time to grab the Glintstone Key before you can be included in a battle. it’s resting on the corpse at the very back. 

    Glintstone Key Elden Ring

    Location 2

    Raya Lucaria Academy looted off a corpse located on a chandelier hanging on the Church of the Cuckoo’s ceiling. You can always find your way using Elden Ring maps.

    When you talk to Sorcerer Thops at the Church of Irith about the Glintstone Key, he will let you know that he is interested in an additional Glintstone Key if you can find one. This second key will be up for grabs inside the Raya Lucaria Academy dungeon. The route to it consists of many twists and turns you might come across

    Glintstone Key Elden Ring

    Once you are done with his quest, return to Thops at the Church and hand over the key. He will then move location to the Academy, specifically the Schoolhouse Classroom. Once you reach him, you will receive Thop’s Bell Bearing, the Academy Glintstone Staff, and Thop’s Barrier. 

    Uses of the Key

    Once you have gained the Academy Glintstone Key, you can put it to use by:

    Opening both gates of the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

    Giving it to Thops who can be found at the Church of Irith.

    The key activates magic bound within the seals and never forgets its user so cannot be passed to anyone else. 

    Glintstone Key Elden Ring

    This was all about the Glintstone Key Elden Ring. For more similar guides, keep following Retrology.

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