Guide to Glavier Build in Lost Ark

    Lost Ark has yet again come up with a new class to keep its players engrossed, called the Lance Master or the Glavier. It is no secret that this is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated classes to come to the western build of the Lost Ark. 

    Along with this if you want help with different quests in Lost Ark we have you covered for that too. From Crook Catcher to Excavating Locations we have guides covered on all ends.

    Though seemingly hard to master, it is certainly not impossible which is why we have a guide to provide you with whatever you need to know about the Glavier build in Lost Ark.

    Weapons and Stances

    For the Glavier, you need two weapons i.e. the spear and the glaive. Continuously swapping between the two will provide you with a variety of abilities.

    On the bottom of your screen, you will find the blue skills. These are from your glaive weapon, also called the Flurry Stance. Switching to the spear will turn the skills red. This is called the Focus stance. 


    The Glavier’s skills are still a work in progress as they are being launched in other regions but so far the Vault is your only counter skill. 

    Pinnacle build

    Glavier Build Lost Ark

    The pinnacle Build is beginners friendly and by the far the most common build for the Glaivier. This is mostly because the build grants plenty of bonus crit damage that can make your numbers go insane! The Pinnacle build is a go-to for all the players who love to compete. 

    Combinations and Limitations

    Glavier Build Lost Ark

    Blue Combo: Half Moon Slash > Chain Slash> Wheel of Blades.

    Half Moon Slash: It gets your enemies into the air

    Chain Slash: keeps them in the air 

    Wheel of Blades: brings them down. 

    Dragonscale Defense skill: Use this if you happen to get yourself caught as it can save your life.

    Red Dragon Horn skill: It is ideal if your character is in a position where they need to range attack their foe thanks to AOE effects on the floor.

    Schackling Blue Dragon: It is only available once you get your first awakening skill. It is an incredible party synergy buff that you should take.

    Glavier Build Lost Ark


    When it comes to gearing, your prime focus should be on your Specialization. It increases your Dual meter generation, allowing you to get into that third Dual Meter bar earlier which equals more Pinnacle buff uptime.

    Control Build

    Glavier Build Lost Ark

    As with the Pinnacle build, you will use the same blue skills but the tripods may be slightly different. If you come across any chance to get more damage or crit, make sure to grab it! 

    You can still use quick prep if you are lacking in Swiftness gear, but swap it out when you have over 1000 Swiftness. This build might offer a weaker overall output but it also provides a much more reliable movement.

    Gear: You will need more Crit to compensate for the lack of bonus crit rate in your gear. Swiftness still remains an important part of your build. 

    This was a concise guide on all you need to know to master the Glavier Build in Lost Ark. For more helpful guides, follow Retrology. 

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