Guide to get the Eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island

    If you wondering, where you can get the Eyepatch, then come along. I’ll explain the complete steps in this guide to Return to Monkey Island Eyepatch. Let’s begin.

    But before we begin to get the Eyepatch, here are the solution to some of the technical issues that you might face while playing Return to Monkey Island.

    Return to Monkey Island: Eyepatch

    In Return to Monkey Island, Eyepatch is a masterpiece with magical powers. This artifact will be the first puzzle you will get to solve in the game. And it will help you to get disguised. And you can enter LeChuck’s pirate ship that will get to sail. As a player, you can get the locations from the hint book. Or you can also get it from the International House of Mojo.

    Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give you the big picture of the puzzle. But one step at a time to solve it. But, in this guide, I have arranged all the steps in the proper guidelines for you to get the Eyepatch smoothly.

    You need the Eyepatch to get the LeChunk’s pirate ship. And you can’t effort to be caught. So, you need to be disguised. For that, you need Eyepatch.

    How to get Eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island

    For that, you have to get the Eyepatch of Jon Laney that’s in the Museum of Pirate Lore. Here are the descriptive steps you need to follow.

    Get Two Monocles

    Head to the Low Streets. And enter the Maps-n-More shop. There will be Wally sitting at his desk. You can see the monocles on his desk. Distract him from the conversation. And divert his attention to something else. Use this chance and grab a monocle from the desk.

    Then leave the shop. Again, enter the shop. And talk to Wally. And take the chance to grab the second monocle. Now, you have got both of the monocles. Head to the Museum of Pirate Lore. It will be near the forest. And you can see it on the map as well.

    Use the Lock with the Merged Monocles

    The Eyepatch will be locked in the display case. And you need to find a way to unlock it. Combine both of the monocles and use them as a magnifier to look at the tiny numbers on the lock. As you look at the numbers, you can now it down somewhere.

    Locksmith at High Streets

    Head to the High Streets. Leave the forest. And reach the location with help of the map. As you enter the shop, the locksmith will be there, Give the locker numbers to her. And she will get to prepare the key for it.

    Meanwhile, you can comment on the parrot. And grab some of the complimentary crackers on the table. As the key is ready, get it. And return to the Museum of Pirate Lore.

    Get the Eyepatch

    Remember the crackers!. Use them to lure the parrot. And as the parrot falls for it, use the key and unlock the case. Get the Eyepatch. Great job!

    Meet the Voodoo Lady

    Meet the Voodoo Lady
    Meet the Voodoo Lady

    Head to the Low Streets. And enter the International House of Mojo. There will be the Voodoo Lady. Show her the Eyepatch. And she will tell you that you need to recharge it. Meanwhile, she will ask you to get something for her.

    You have to get “a bite of thousand needles” for her. It is a carnivore plant in the deep forest. You have to enter the forest and look for the warning sign. There will be the plant she demanded. Next, use your knife, cut it and bring it to her.

    Use the Eyepatch
    Use the Eyepatch

    Now, you’ll have the eyepatch recharged. You can use it to get disguised before you get to the LeChuck’s ships on Docks.

    Great! You made it. Best of luck with your voyage.

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