GamingGuide to get The Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2

    Guide to get The Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2

    Developed and published by Bungie, Destiny 2 is undeniably one of the most engaging games you can find out there. From new Exotics and the latest armor sets to weekly missions, quests, and collectibles, you’ll find almost everything in Destiny 2. Regardless of all this fun stuff the game has gotten quite mixed reviews on Steam for some reason. However that seems to be the topic of discussion for some other day, for today the topic that we are anchoring on is none other than this fantastic weapon named The Exliptic Distaff in Destiny 2.

    Now, as discussed earlier Destiny 2 is known for its exotic weapons and every season the players get to see a new ritual weapon. In this season 20 the new weapon that has been introduced is The Exliptic Distaff. However, this weapon doesn’t just drop somewhere, rather the players will have to really work for it. To make it a bit handier for the players here we have a complete guide on how you can easily get your hands on The Ecliptic Distaff.

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    Destiny 2 – The Ecliptic Distaff

    To be precise all you have to do in order to get this weapon is reach level 16 with any of the three ritual vendors located at the tower. All three of these vendors have the ecliptic distaff so it is totally up to you which one you want to work on and get to level 16 with it. In case you manage to get to level 16 all three of these vendors then good luck in getting your hands on all three ecliptic distaffs if that seems necessary. Nevertheless, the three vendors include:

    • Lord Shaxx for the Crucible
    • Zavala for Vanguard Strikes
    • Drifter for Gambit

    Get to level 16 with any of these vendors to get the weapon

    But wait, hold your horses, it really is not as simple as it sounds. Getting to level 16 actually requires players to put in some serious grind and requires players to get thousands of reputation points to reach.

    Now the question is which vendor should the players go for? The vendor that is the easiest to reach level i16 with is undeniably Zavala. So be sure to spend as much time in the Vanguard ops and Nightfall playlists as you can till you get yourself enough reputation to reach level 16. Additionally, do consider getting your team as many points in activities as you can because the more your score the more reputation you will get.

    Some more tips

    Keep an eye out for weeks with 2x reputation, by utilizing the monthly reputation boosts given to one of those vendors, you can hasten the process of obtaining these ranks. Check which playlist provides double rep the first time you log into Destiny 2 each week, and consider spending more time there.

    Technically, the Crucible and Gambit can be a quicker route to the ecliptic distaff if you prefer a more competitive grind, but only if you can reliably win multiple times in a row since this will give you reputation boosts.

    Once you’ve successfully reached level 16 with any of the vendors, interact with the vendor and receive The Ecliptic Distaff from the menu.

    Well, that takes us to the end of Guide to get The Ecliptic Distaff in Destiny 2. Good luck in getting your hands on this amazing weapon. Do let us know in the comment section below which guide you want us to cover next. Additionally do consider subscribing to our mailing list down below so you don’t miss out on any of our latest guides and updates. We’ll see you in the next one.

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