Guide to get the Dragon Balls faster in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (2016) is a sequel to Dragon Ball Xenoverse (2015). Developed by Dimps and issued by Bandai Namco Entertainment which is a franchise of Dragon Ball, Xenoverse 2 gives its players one of the most friendly experiences as the players are able to create characters of their own will. The new characters help to retain the original story of the Dragon Balls by fighting a bunch of villains including some brand new time traveler villains.

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    What are Dragon Balls?

    Dragon Balls are the spheres of magic and power created by a race called “Namekians”. Kami created the very first dragon balls on earth. Later on, Dende became the guardian of the earth and created the dragon balls. Dende came from the Namekian planet to thank Goku for saving his planet and dealing with the evil Emporer “Frieza”. We can summon the Shenron who grants the wishes within his powers if we gather all the seven dragon balls.

    Why do we need Dragon Balls in Xenoverse 2?

    We need dragon balls as they grant wishes. In the game, we can use the dragon balls to get some handsome amount of money (i.e 500,000 “Zeni”) or to get a unique item. The wish can be used two times to get the “Crystal Battlesuit” first and then the “Gold Battlesuit”. The wish can be used to get stronger, acquire new stronger attacks, achieve a new transformation or power level, get a new ultimate, super, or finishing attack, etc. If you fail in a mission, you can use the dragon balls to get another chance. We can also use the dragon balls to earn some medals or to make the characters eat their favorite food.

    First Method to Gather the Dragon Balls

    The first method to gather the dragon balls in Xenoverse 2 leads us to fight with the “AI Time Patrols”. These Time Patrols are present in the “Conton city” with a blue mark present above their bodies. As soon as we get near to them, they challenge us to a battle. The first battle with one of the time patrols grants us the “Fourth Dragon Ball”. Winning each time against the AI Patrols grants us the dragon balls.

    Quickest Way to Gather the Dragon Balls

    There has been a debate as to which “parallel quest” is the easiest and quickest to gather the dragon balls in Xenoverse 2. The answer to that is the “Explosion of Namek” and this answer is agreed upon by most of the players of the game. This quest is the 23rd quest of the parallel quests. The difficulty to the level should be three stars. You need to pick your best character. One thing which is highly recommended is that it is better not to bring anybody around as assistance because they may knock the opponent out of your combos while you are doing your combo.

    xenoverse 2 dragon balls

    After defeating the Emporer Frieza, three different time patrollers arrive in Xenoverse 2. There is no rocket science in beating these patrollers but you can use a transformation to tackle them. This method does not 100% guarantees the dragon balls. However, this method still remains the top-notch easiest, and quickest method to gather the dragon balls in Xenoverse 2.

    Alternate Method to Gather the Dragon Balls

    An alternate method to gather the dragon balls in Xenoverse 2 is through parallel quest 4 which states “Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans”. It is easy to defeat the Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha. After defeating them we can free time patroller and if we defeat the time patroller we may notice a key item appear on the screen it shows the dragon ball. After this battle, beating Gohan kid and Picollo is also easy. Continuing the battle and repeating the fights will help to get all seven Dragon Balls. We can summon the Shenron at the Dragon Ball pedestal after gathering the dragon balls.

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