GamingRole-PlayingGuide to get Frozen Flame all cursed instruments

    Guide to get Frozen Flame all cursed instruments

    Frozen Flame Dreamside Interactive’s earliest creation combines Survival Action and RPG into a single experience. You’ll find goodies while hunting monsters and collecting XP! Don’t be put off by the fancy name: you won’t have to sell your soul to get them, and the rewards will be well worth it!

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    Frozen Flame All Cursed Instruments

    You’ll be transported to the Sky Islands once you’ve obtained your first Portal Core. You will get the ability to fly once you interact with Hornhead and complete the quests. 

    After you finish, Hornhead will talk about the Bard and how, despite his lack of talent, you should find his island and meet him.

    And thus the quest for the Cursed Instruments in Frozen Flame begins!

    You’ll need to use your flying abilities to visit four separate islands and complete tasks in order to obtain the Cursed Instruments. We’ll explain each and suggest an order, but they can be done in any order.

    Cursed Instrument 1

    Find Skelly who lives on Skelly Island.

    At the graveyard, Skelly will ask you to play a tune with runes. If you’re struggling to figure out what you have to do he will also provide a book with hints.

    There are four gravestones with symbols on them, each of which has a different color. When you examine the stone, it will play a piece of music that you must recreate by interacting with the gravestones in the proper order.

    The book described by Skelly lies nearby, at the base of a tree, and the hints are simple, but here’s the order: green, blue, red, yellow.

    frozen flame all cursed instruments guide4

    Return to Skelly once you’ve finished the puzzle to obtain one of the Cursed Instruments.

    Cursed Instrument 2

    Another Cursed Instrument can be found on Copper Island. The ghost of a Treasure Hunter can be found inside the building.

    frozen flame all cursed instruments guide5

    When you interact with this NPC, he will mark three spots on your map. You must visit those spots and acquire ancient coins

    You return to the Treasure Hunter with all three coins, and he will gift you a flute. You can take the flute to the Bard and ask him to call Selena on your behalf.

    Cursed Instrument 3

    The Cursed Instrument on Fallen Pilgrims Island is the most difficult to obtain.

    frozen flame all cursed instruments guide6

    Find a large tree and fly up till you can enter the trunk. You’ll meet Woodhead there, who will assign you the task of tracking down a poisoned boar. 

    You can buy potions and blueprints from him if you need them to prepare for the eventual war to come.

    Finding the boar can be quite frustrating because the game does not inform you that you require scalding broth to summon it. You’ll need a mushroom and a bug for that.

    frozen flame all cursed instruments guide7

    Then, gather resources nearby to build a bonfire so you can make the broth.

    frozen flame all cursed instruments guide8

    The boar isn’t difficult in and of itself; the difficulty comes from the poison damage that both and the region surrounding it deal with.

    If you have long-ranged weaponry, you might try to preserve your distance from the boar by circling it while shooting at it.

    frozen flame all cursed instruments guide9

    The boar will drop normal hide, poisoned hide, and XP once defeated. Woodhead will give you the Cursed Tambourine if you bring the hides to him.

    Earning your final Cursed Instrument unlocks the “Cursed Melody” achievement as well. There’s also a chest beneath Woodhead with additional loot.

    Depending on how you obtained the instruments, you may need to speak with the Bard. Proceed to Chronos. He’ll give you riches and other rewards. If you’re interested in more such gaming guides, check out the Gaming page of Retrology.

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