GamingGuide to get Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

    Guide to get Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

    Everstone is still part of the Pokemon games and is deemed quite useful in some cases. The main use it has is that it stops the Pokemon which holds it from evolving. This may seem useless and bring the question of why would you stop a Pokemon to evolve into its amazing new self. There are some reasons and those will be discussed below. So, let’s get into this article and learn about Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

    About Everstone

    The Everstone is a Training Item that can be held by a Pokemon. When a Pokémon holds it, it inhibits the Pokémon from evolving through leveling and trading. It does not directly hinder evolution by employing things such as Evolution Stones.

    It is also utilized in breeding, but its use in this version is different. For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the possessor of Everstone can pass on any characteristic to its progeny, regardless of the Pokémon’s gender. Natures are chosen at random for the Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet if you weren’t aware. However, if you force the parent Pokemon to carry an Everstone, the born Pokemon will almost certainly acquire the same Nature.

    Uses of Everstone

    • In breeding as it helps preserve the chance of getting the type of offspring you want.
    • Some evolved Pokemon tend to learn moves slower than basic stage ones so everyone helps keep it stable.
    • Not really a use but if you want to keep the Pokemon in their basic stage more for some reason, everstone will stop the annoying evolution sequences after every level-up.

    Go to Delibird Presents

    There are three locations where you can visit the Delibird Presents shop in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These locations are:

    • Cascarrafa
    • Levincia
    • Mesagoza

    The shop can be recognized by its red banner. The image below shows the location of Delibird Presents in Mesagoza as this place is available to you very early in the game.

    Delibird Presents in Mesagoza

    Once you reach the location, just go to General Goods. In this list, Everstone would be the second item. It costs 3000 Pokedollars.

    Fortunately, it can be accessed anytime or point in-game as unlike other evolution stones that require you to obtain six badges, the Everstone is accessible in the shop immediately once the game begins.

    Everstone: Delibird Presents
    Everstone: Delibird Presents

    Everstone can also be found along the riverbank area close to South Province (Area Two). If you don’t want to use your Pokedollars or don’t have enough but still want Everstone, you can try this manual method and get it for free. Look around this area for item pokeballs carefully and you’ll find one here. However, that is just by chance and cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to obtain it here. It’s worth giving a shot as it is a free item.

    And that’s all we know about getting your hands on Everstone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hopefully, it helped. If it did, make sure to check out more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides on our site Retrology.

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