Guide to fix STATUS_ACCES_VIOLATION Error on browsers

    The STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION is an irregular blunder experienced by the clients while perusing the web. Indeed, even a few clients likewise revealed the blunder on the most steady adaptation of the web browsers and their programs.

    According to the clients, during riding the web out of nowhere the page begins crashing suddenly and they get the mistake message on their screen:

    status access violation error
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    This issue appears to continue in programs in light of the Chromium motor. In the event that you are confronting a similar issue on your Chrome and other chromium-based programs, for example, Microsoft Edge, then, at that point, don’t overreact. The mistake isn’t basic and is simply a consequence of unfortunate code on the board.

    If you encounter such an error there is no need to panic as this guide by Retrology will help you resolve this error quite easily. You can also find more fixes and tech content from Retrology as well.


    Following are some of the most effective ways in handling such an error and help greatly in resolving this issue.

    1. Repairing the Corrupt files
    2. Updating and installing the latest version of the browser
    3. Run a stable version of the browser
    4. Disable all the extensions
    5. Modify the .exe files

    1. Repairing the corrupt files:

    Download and run Restore to check and reestablish bad and missing documents. Once done, continue with the arrangements beneath.

    2. Updating and installing the latest versions of the browser:

    It is very important to install and update the necessary browsers.

    For Updating Chrome:

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    You want to download the most recent rendition of the Chrome arrangement.

    Also, double-tap to Install > stand by to finish the establishment interaction.
    All things being equal, you can check for refreshes from Chrome by composing

    chrome://settings in the location bar after that snap on About Chrome, hang tight till it checks for refreshes, and downloads it.

    For Updating Edge:

    In the upper right corner,> click on the three spots or the Options button
    Click on Help and input > and About Microsoft Edge
    Assuming any update is accessible this begins downloading the update naturally
    Also, when the update cycle is done > restart the program.
    In the wake of refreshing the two programs check for an Aw snap mistake message that shows up while perusing or not.

    3. Run a stable version of the browser:

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    In the event that you are running a temperamental form of Chrome or Edge program, change to the steady one. The Chrome clients ought to check in the event that they are utilizing the Canary adaptation and think about changing to the most recent stable rendition.

    Adhere to the given guidance for chrome:

    1. Press Windows + R keys and in the Run box now type appwiz.cpl and hit OK
    2. And in the Control Panel choose Chrome Canary then click Uninstall
    3. Wait till the unstable version of Chrome is uninstalled

    Now after doing all this restart the browser and check if the error is resolved or not.

    4. Disable all the extensions:

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    On chrome click, the top right corner and a pop up will appear now click on tools and extensions.

    Presently in the page opened, you will see the whole expansions empowered > uncheck the empowered augmentations to incapacitate them or essentially click the rubbish symbol to erase them.

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    For Edge browser:

    Run the browser and on the top right corner click on Extensions. Open the pop-up and click on Disable all extensions.

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    5. Modify the .exe files:

    The next step in removing _STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error is to modify the .exe files.

    For Chrome:

    In the event that you are running a Chrome program, follow the means given to do as such:

    Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer
    Presently in the area bar glue the provided order c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
    Then right-click on Chrome.exe and select Rename and transform it Chrome.exe or some other you like.

    For Edge:

    Follow the means given to change the .exe filename on Edge

    Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer
    In the area bar glue c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application

    After doing the above steps check if the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is removed or not.

    The STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is a common error and can be removed easily by using this guide. Keep following Retrology for more fixes and guides.

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