Guide to fix Rainbow Six Extraction Low FPS, Stuttering, Frame Drops issues

    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest installment in the Rainbox Six series. Published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the game is a multiplayer tactical shooting game. However, unlike the previous installments in the series, Extraction is set up in an alien environment where players are supposed to work as a team and shoot their way to victory among the layers of aliens and parasites. In this guide, we will guide you that how you can fix Rainbow Six Extraction low FPS, stuttering, glitching, frame drops, or any issue related to graphics.

    Check System Requirements

    First of all, check the Rainbow Six Extraction system requirements to see whether you have the required gear to run the game or not. Your PC should at least meet the minimum requirements in order for the game to run smoothly. If that’s not the case, then we suggest an upgrade of your system to fix the Rainbow Six Extraction stuttering issue.

    You can find the official Rainbow Six Extraction system requirements from the link attached.

    Change Graphics Driver Settings

    Furthermore, we recommend that you manually configure the graphics setting in Nvidia or AMD control panel. You have to change the advanced options like Texture Filtering, OpenGL, Vertical Sync, etc.

    For Rainbow Six Extraction best graphics settings, go to Nvidia Control Panel -> Adjust Image Settings and Preview -> Select 3D Image settings -> Advanced 3D settings. Then do the following changes.

    Max Framerate: 165
    Low-Latency Mode: Ultra
    OpenGL Rendering GPU: Graphics Card
    Vertical Sync: On
    Texture Filtering Quality: High Performance
    Power Management Mode: Maximum Performance

    You can find the identical options in the AMD control panel and tweak the settings there as well.

    Lower Rainbow Six Extraction Graphics Settings

    Next up, in order to fix the Rainbow Six Extraction low FPS issue, you can try lowering the graphics settings. The graphics settings that greatly affect the performance are Screen Resolution, Texture Quality, Anti-aliasing, Shadows, and Virtual Sync. Try spending some time tweaking these in-game settings and hopefully, you will see better results in performance.

    Update Graphics Driver

    Sometimes updating your Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers to the latest versions can solve the lagging and frame drop issue as oftentimes, the latest versions are optimized for the newly released game and can improve the game’s performance.

    Disable Startup/Background Applications

    Also, try disabling all the extra background applications to decrease the load on the system. These include:

    • Antivirus
    • MSI Afterburner
    • Nvidia GeForce Experience
    • Steam
    • Photoshop, etc

    Contact Support

    Last but not least, try to contact the official Ubisoft Support for Rainbow Six Extraction. You can specifically mention your issue that when exactly are you facing the frame drops and stuttering and how frequent is the problem

    We hope that this fixes your problem! If it does then please share this article to help your fellow gamers too. We have just covered the guide to find the save file location of Rainbow Six Extraction, so be sure to check out that as well. For more guides, keep following Retrology.

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