Guide to fix Propnight FPS issue

    Propnight is a 4vs1 horror-survival multiplayer game. The game’s plot revolves around a small provincial town. Where teenagers start disappearing without leaving any clues. You can play this game as a killer or as a survivor. Being a strong competitor to Dead By Daylight, Propnight has shown a lot of promise and gathered positive reviews from it’s players. In this guide, we will tell you how to fix Propnight FPS issue.

    Manually change FPS cap

    • Press windows + R and open file, “GameUserSettings”
    • Or to navigate “GameUserSettings” follow the path / AppData / Local / Propnight / Saved / Config / WindowsNoEditor / GameUserSettings
    • Open “GameUserSettings” and edit the “FrameRateLimit” to your desired FPS cap. For example: FrameRateLimit = 165.000000
    • Save changes to “GameUserSettings” file
    • Run the game again for updated FPS cap

    Verify Game Integrity

    In case you face the gameplay with low FPS you could fix it by verifying game integrity of Propnight. This way steam will scan all the files of the game and fix any corrupted files. To verify game integrity follow the following path

    Steam > Library > Propnight > Properties > Local Files tab > Verify integrity of game files

    Contact the Official Support

    If you’re still facing issues after trying the recommended fixes, you could always contact Steam support and join the community discussion on Steam.

    We hope that our guide was helpful to fix Propnight FPS issue. For more related guides be sure to check out Retrology.

    Mofeeza Masood
    Mofeeza Masood
    A gaming enthusiast, binge-watcher, and writer helping confused gamers with the levels they are stuck on and picky watchers with what they should binge next.
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