Guide to fix Bright Memory: Infinite stuttering issue

    If you are facing low FPS or stuttering in Bright Memory: Infinite. The game is visuals-based and requires optimal settings. Here is a list of potential fixes to resolve Bright Memory: Infinite stuttering issue.

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    Disable Startup Applications

    Ctrl+Shift+Esc > Task Manager > Startup tab

    Select the programs you don’t want to run when Windows boots up.

    Install the game on SSD

    Installing a game on SSD helps load the game quicker and transfer data faster. This enhances the FPS and resolves the ingame stuttering that some users may face. If you don’t have an SSD it is highly recommended to get one as it helps boost up your gaming experience.

    Enable Game mode

    Game mode is specific to Windows 10 and 11. It helps minimize background processes so that your game can obtain better FPS and less latency.

    Windows Search > Type “game mode” > Select Game Mode Settings > Turn Game Mode On

    Enable GPU Scheduling

    GPU scheduling aids in improving FPS. Your system will be better able to provide the game with higher FPS. In turn, yielding a better gaming experience.

    Windows search > Type Graphics Settings > Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling > Bright Memory Infinite > Set the performance to high

    Disable Overlays

    Disabling overlays will always give you an advantage because you won’t get distracted while playing games.

    Some overlays you need to disable are :

    • Steam
    • MSI Afterburner
    • Nvidia GeForce experience
    • Discord
    • and other similar applications

    Best Nvidia Settings

    As Bright Memory: Infinite is a visually appealing game, its optimum graphics settings are essential for a good gaming experience. Here are some Nvidia settings for Bright Memory Infinite.

    Nvidia Control Panel > Adjust Image Settings and Preview > Select 3D Image settings > Advanced 3D settings

    Low-Latency Mode > Ultra
    Max Framerate > 165
    OpenGL Rendering GPU > Graphics Card
    Power Management Mode > Maximum Performance
    Texture Filtering Quality > High Performance.
    Vertical Sync > On

    Best AMD Settings

    To get the best performance from Bright Memory: Infinite, here are some AMD settings.

    Radeon Anti-Lag > Enabled
    Texture Filtering Quality > Performance
    Surface Format Optimization > Enabled
    Radeon Chill > Disabled
    Radeon Boost > Enable
    Morphological Anti-Aliasing > Disabled
    Anisotropic Filtering > Disabled
    Tessellation Mode > Off
    OpenGL Triple Buffering > Disabled

    Contact Steam Support

    If your issue still persists after following the steps contact Steam support to get it resolved.

    That is all for Bright Memory: Infinite stuttering issue. For more related articles be sure to check out Retrology.

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