Guide to First XI SBC solutions in FIFA 23

    The FIFA 23 First XI SBC is one of the tricky advanced challenges you will come across in the game. However, as tough as these Squad Building Challenges may be, you must complete these to get the top players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. It is also a great opportunity if you’re looking to earn a few quick coins. 

    In this challenge, you will be tasked to assemble a squad of 11 players, all of which will be from different leagues. Not only do you need miscellaneous leagues in the solution, but each player has to be able to achieve two points of chemistry. 

    This SBC might not be like the ones you have completed before as due to recent changes to the chemistry system in-game, EA has been playing with the requirements for the challenge a little, adding to its difficulty level. You no longer need 100 chemistry and loyalty points but will now be needing a minimum of 27 Squad Total Chemistry to make it through. 

    Looking for players and collecting them while also saving the buck might be the tricky part. However, we will save you the effort and help you build a team you can afford in this FIFA 23 First XI SBC guide:


    The requirements for this SBC are visibly different than the ones before, prioritizing the squad points as well as chemistry points making it difficult to pair up players. These are the requirements you need to complete to build your team:

    • 11 different leagues in the squad
    • Only gold players.
    • A minimum of seven rare players
    • Minimum two chemistry points for each player
    • Minimum 27 squad total chemistry points


    An easy trick to use here is to consider players from the same team. These players can have up to 3 chemistry points and can also gain chemistry for being played in position. This fulfills your requirements for points and may be a cheaper route for you to go with instead of gaining players from different teams.

    We advise you to consider the two teams given below along with their lineups and leagues:


    The Brazilian lineup includes: 

    • ST: Vinicius (ENG 1)
    • LM: Romarinho (SAU 1)
    • RM: Felipe Anderson (ITA 1)
    • CM: Oscar (CHN 1)
    • CM: Gerson (FRA 1)
    • CDM: Willian Arao (TUR 1)
    • LB: Danilo (GER 1)
    • RB: Mauro Junior (NED 1)
    • CB: Marcao (ESP 1)
    • CB: Matheus Reis (POR 1)
    • GK: Jean (LIB)


    The Argentinian lineup includes:

    • GK: Walter Benitez (PSV Eindhoven)
    • RB: Nahuel Tenaglia (Deportivo Alaves)
    • CB: Nicolas Otamendi (SL Benfica)
    • CB: Lisandro Martinez (Manchester United)
    • LB: Nicolas Tagliafico (Olympique Lyonnais)
    • CDM: Lucas Biglia (Basaksehir)
    • RM: Sebastian Palacios (Panathanaikos)
    • CM: Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
    • CM: Lorenzo Faravelli (Independiente DV)
    • LM: Franco Cervi (RC Celta)
    • ST: Lucas Alario (Frankfurt)
    FIFA 23 First XI SBC

    All of these players are from the same teams, giving them the minimum chemistry requirement and every one of them also plays in a different league. 


    Completing the challenge will reward you with a Rare Players Pack, which could include some of the best players in FIFA 23. 

    We hope this guide was helpful, for more guides and updates, keep following Retrology. 

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