Guide to find Rainbow Six Extraction save file location

    Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest installment in the Rainbox Six series. However, unlike its predecessors, it has gone in a different direction. Instead of adapting the realism, Extraction features Archaeans – an alien race that the players have to shoot down by playing together online. In this guide, we will showcase how you can find the Rainbow Six Extraction save file location.

    Before we begin, it should be noted that Rainbow Six Extraction hasn’t been officially released yet therefore, the exact save file location of Rainbow Six Extraction is unknown at this point, however, we here are experts on finding save files for multiple games. We will show you multiple possible paths through which the Rainbow Six Extraction save game location can be found. We will update the article as soon as we get our hands on the actual location of the save game. So, Let’s jump right into it.

    Rainbow Six Extraction Save File Location


    Game Title can be:

    • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction
    • R6Extraction
    • RainbowSixExtraction

    Path 1
    C:\Users\(Username)\Saved Games\(Game Title)\Saved Games

    Path 2
    C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\ (Game Title)\Saved\

    Also search in the folder ..\AppData\LocalLow\…

    Path 3

    Path 4
    C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games

    Path 5
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata

    Path 6

    That’s all regarding Rainbow Six Extraction save game location. As we promised, we will surely update the article when the official location is available. Till then, we hope that these locations will help you. For more gaming content, keep following Retrology.

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