Guide to find Expeditions Rome save file location

    Developed by Logic Artists and published by THQ Nordic, Expeditions: Rome is a newly released strategy RPG game. The players control Legatus who has to avenge his father’s death and retake the hold of Rome from the Greek rebellion. Expeditions: Rome features plenty of features like character customization, turn-based tactical combat, exploration of places like North Africa, Greece, Gaul, and Rome, looting, leveling up, and more. In this guide, we will help in finding Expeditions Rome save file location so you can back up your data in case of data loss or overwrite with another save game data.

    Expeditions Rome Save File Location

    Following is the save game data location of Expeditions: Rome


    For Windows, try locating the save data in the path mentioned below:



    For Linux, the save file of Expeditions: Rome can be found using the paths below:

    Path 1

    Path 2

    That’s all regarding Expeditions Rome save game data location. If this guide has helped you, share it with other users. We cover a lot of gaming guides, so be sure to check our guides section. Apart from that, keep following Retrology for the latest entertainment and gaming news.

    Expeditions: Rome has gotten “very positive” reviews on Steam at the time of writing. If you are a fan of strategy games, then this game will certainly be a good fit for you. Some user reviews of the game are mentioned below.

    “Turn based game play with plenty of attention to detail on a hex grid system. They don’t reinvent the wheel here, but they do add some dimension.”

    “Expeditions: Rome is polished and fun, and is well recommended for any turn-based tactical fan. Character-building decisions are robust and extensive, and battles are exciting and fun.”

    Check out Expeditions: Rome official trailer below.

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