GamingRole-PlayingGuide to find and mine Copper Ore in V Rising

    Guide to find and mine Copper Ore in V Rising

    There are multiple different sorts of materials necessary to make various objects in V Rising. Copper ore is one of these minerals, and it’s a crucial crafting material in the game. In this article, we’ll show you how to obtain Copper Ore in V Rising and how to use it once you’ve found the best copper ore spots.

    Copper Ore Locations

    Copper ore is typically discovered in rocky and steep locations in V Rising. The orange rocks in these places can be exploited for copper ore.

    Bandit Copper Mine is one of the greatest sites to mine copper ore in V Rising. This mine can be found in Farbane Woods, which can be found in the map’s southern region. We’ve included a map graphic of the location for your convenience.

    V Rising Copper Ore

    However, be aware that there are numerous adversaries in this area that will disturb your mining operations.

    Mine Copper

    Finding copper rocks is one thing; actually mining the copper is quite another. You will need ‘Reinforced Bone Mace’ in order to mine copper.

    You’ll need the following ingredients to make the Reinforced Bone Mace.

    • 120 Stone
    • 1 Bone Mace
    • 4 Plank

    Find a Simple Workbench to make this tool once you have these supplies.

    Small to medium-sized pebbles will be no match for the Reinforced Bone Mace. Giant boulders, on the other hand, cannot be broken apart with this Bone Mace. To break down these massive rocks, you’ll need to employ explosives.

    Sulfur can be used to make explosives at the Alchemy Table.

    Create Copper Ingots

    You’ll need to build a Furnace in your castle to make copper ingots. To construct the Furnace, you’ll need 60 copper ore and 480 stone.

    Copper ore can be smelted into refined Copper ingots using the furnace. You’ll be able to construct stronger armor and weapons for yourself as you continue through the game if you have a lot of copper ingots.

    Copper Weapons

    Copper Ingots, as previously stated, are necessary to construct goods such as a variety of weapons. All of the weapons that can be made with Copper Ingots are listed below.

    • Copper Mace
    • Copper Sword
    • Copper Axe
    • Copper Spear

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