Guide to find all 13 Propaganda Towers in Halo Infinite

    Halo Infinite is a free to play, action-adventure game. Follow Master Chief in his fight against Zeta Halo. In this guide for Halo Infinite we will help you find all 13 Propaganda Towers.

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    1. Near Sequence Entrance

    The first propaganda tower can be found near the sequence entrance. It can be seen on the side of the cliff standing in between trees.

    2. South Of Sequence

    Second propaganda tower is located on the south end of sequence. Blast it to destroy the banish installation.

    3. West of Sequence

    Third propaganda tower is on the left of the sequence. It is positioned on the end of a raised rock platform.

    4. Sequence Propaganda Tower

    Forth propaganda tower is located in the middle of the sequence (as located on the map). It is located at the bottom of the hill guarded by an enemy.

    5. Sequence Reformation

    Fifth tower can be found at the north of the sequence. It has rocks covering it from 3 sides. Blast it to destroy the banish installation.

    6. Sequence Tower

    The next propaganda tower is also located in the middle of the sequence. Go to the area marked in the map. The tower is at the bottom of a hill surrounded by tall rock formations and guarded by enemies.

    7. Sequence Tower

    Follow the location to the sequence tower marked in the map. Destroy the tower by blasting it.

    8. Sequence Tower

    To south of the seventh tower you can find the eight tower following the cliff’s edge.

    9. Reformation Sequence

    Following along the Sequence cliff’s edges to find the ninth propaganda tower.

    10. Sequence Propaganda

    On the opposite end of Sequence, You can find the tenth tower. It is guarded by flying enemies. Beat the enemies and blast the tower to destroy the banish installation.

    11. Sequence Tower

    On the location marked on the map, You can find and destroy the tower in the edge of a cliff.

    12. Sequence Tower

    On the north of eleventh tower, you can find the next tower marked on the map. Blast it to destroy the banish installation.

    13. Reformation Sequence Propaganda Tower

    The last propaganda tower is located at the end of the sequence. It is guarded by enemies. Beat them and destroy the tower.

    Hope this guide was helpful to find all 13 Propaganda Towers in Halo Infinite. For more related articles be sure to follow Retrology.

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