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    Guide to farm Gotham Knights NTH metal

    Fighting crime as your favorite of the four heroes is the main attraction of Gotham Knights. Along with unlocking additional costumes, players will have to acquire clues and even farm for key materials to construct various weapons and gear with. Nth Metal is one of the most valuable of these materials. Let’s start the guide on how you can get NTH metal in Gotham Knights. There are a few ways which include getting it by farming or fighting.

    NTH metal is required for leveling up and crafting high-level gear, therefore hoarding it is essential. It’s actually strongly suggested that you unlock fast travel and activate various spots before you start farming for Nth Metal so you can go around Gotham City more dependably. You’ll also need to know how to switch characters, as some characters are stronger at fighting specific foes than others.

    Locations of Cache

    To obtain the Nth Metal in Gotham Knights, you must investigate cache locations and execute extremely challenging missions. Alfred will comment when you’re approaching a stash, “Interesting. There’s an energy signature here that is abnormal. You may find something in the area”.

    Examining these caches will provide Nth metal and other stuff.

    • Southside, near Ocran Chemicals
    • Financial District, northeast of Blackgate Island
    • Old Gotham, southeast
    • New Gotham, east of Otisburg
    • North Gotham, south of Gotham City University

    Seek out Veteran and Champion foes

    Nth Metal can be obtained from any criminal or opponent in Gotham Knights. The bad news is that its possibility of dropping is quite low. Nth Metal, on the other hand, drops at a higher rate from Veteran and Champion foes. When you utilize the AR Scan, you can recognize these foes because they are marked with a crown. As a result, they’re far more difficult to battle, so come prepared. Farming Veteran and Champion foes are the best way to obtain this rare resource.

    You can increase the difficulty to have more of these enemy kinds spawn, but this does not guarantee that you will get more Nth Metal. Because, despite the fact that these enemy kinds have a higher drop rate, the material is still scarce.

    Farming for Nth Metal is ultimately about putting in the time. You can easily navigate Gotham City by using the map’s different fast travel stations. This will make it easier to locate Veterans and Champions in the game environment, which will come in handy when you’re farming for Nth Metal during patrols.

    Find Chests

    Nth Metal can also be found in chests scattered over the map, but this is exceedingly rare. You may get it sometimes but the chances of getting it in one game are extremely low. You can just stick to the other two ways and search for it that way.

    That’s all for the ways you can farm NTH metal in Gotham Knights. Hopefully, this will prove to be helpful. If you want to check more Gotham Knights guides, you check them on our site.

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