GamingGuide to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

    Guide to Defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

    Released on the 3rd of March 2023, it seems like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has come from some other planet considering its complete dark fantasy theme. The KOEI TECMO developers have managed to include quite a bit of uniqueness in the game like unimaginable locations, distinctive missions, and tons of dark bosses. One such boss that we will be digging into is none other than Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhang Rang boss.

    This particular enemy is relatively harder to defeat as compared to many others, considering the fact that this boss comes up with his own army and clones. If you’re also one of those players who are struggling to finish this boss off then worry no more. Because in this guide, we will be helping you with all strategies that you can use in order to defeat Zhang Rang with much ease. So without wasting any time, let the action begin.

    Zhang Rang Boss Guide

    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Defeat Zhang Rang Boss Fight
    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Defeat Zhang Rang Boss Fight

    As you progress through the game, in one of its missions named “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” you will have to encounter Zhang Rang. It is mandatory to defeat Zhang Rang to proceed further into the game so if you’re planning to skip this boss, hold your horses.

    Before you begin the fight do bear in mind that at the start and in the middle of the fight Zhang Rang will summon numerous of his clones who will rush towards you with multiple attacks.

    These clones will look exactly like Zhang Rang, however, to identify Zhang Rang focus on the one with no mini bar over its head. It’s highly recommended that when these clones arrive you only focus on taking down these clones and not the actual boss.

    Nevertheless, here are some of the attacks that Zhang Rang and his clones might use and how you can counter them as well:

    Sword Rush

    The sign that the boss is about to use a sword rush is that he will start to glow red as he is about to rush. So be sure that you’re ready to counter his attack as soon as he rushed towards you or you can dodge the attack which is also possible.

    Tripple Attack

    There is no such sign for this one other than that the Zhang will attack you thrice as the name indicates. Just like sword rush this one can also be countered if timed properly and you can dodge it as well. However, do bear in mind not just Zhang Rang but also his clones can use this attack on you.

    Lightning Swirl

    This AOE attack provides a knockback and knockdown effect and it’s only better if you dodge this attack. You will know that Zhang Rang is about to use this attack when he slashes his sword to the ground and a purple circle surround him.

    Lightning Crash

    The sign that the boss is about to use a lightning crash is that he will start to glow yellow as he prepares his sword. After that, he will stab the ground sending lightning effects around him. Once again it’s better to dodge such attacks because it reduces the Spirit Gauge of Zhang Rang.

    Flying Spin Attack

    Once Zhang Rang has his health down below the 50% mark, Zhang Rang might fly up in the air and then rush towards you. You can dodge this attack if performed timely and you counter this attack as well which is also possible.

    Lightning Orb

    This one is basically a counter from Zhang Rang’s end, he will at time times send an orb your way which won’t deliver much damage but will definitely take down your attacks. Do bear in mind that his clones might also use this and you can consider dodging this attack or counter one of your own.

    Lightning Barrage

    This one is a bit tricky, Zhang Rang will summon a clone and he will fire orbs in almost every direction. However, you can counter it by making your way to the back side of the clone which is basically a blind spot for the clone.

    Lightning Rush

    This one is a lot quicker as compared to all other atta if not taken seriously. Zhang Rang will deliver a lightning bolt toward you which can deliver significant damage. It will take some time for some players to learn to counter this attack so dodging by timing properly would be a safer option.

    Apart from all the attacks do consider dodging the attack as much as possible, and also consider using your fatal strikes on clones as well since it reduces the Spirit Gauge quite a lot. So one perfect shot on clones is enough to take them down and then a few on Zhang Rang are enough to finish him off.

    Zhang Rang Boss Fight

    Additionally, there are quite a few decent rewards that you will get after you’ve successfully defeated Zhang Rang so good luck with that as well.

    Well, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know in order to defeat Zhang Rang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Do let us know which guide you want us to cover next. To know about
    Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – The Assault On Wuchao All Collectibles or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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