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    Guide to defeat Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers

    You have come a long way by fighting many bosses and solving many puzzles in Sonic Frontiers. On this Ares Island, you will face many enemies but no one in comparison to this bad guy – Wyvern. I have sorted a number of steps to defeat Sonic Frontiers Wyvern with the best strategy and less number of levels.

    Sonic Frontiers: Wyvern

    Sonic Frontiers: Wyvern

    Wyvern is the second boss that you will have to confront on Ares Island. It’s impossible to miss it. This giant floating critter skeleton like a monster can be easily spotted. Now, it’s time to turn on the Super Sonic mode and beat the monster.

    To begin the battle with the villain, you have to complete a mini-game where you have to place the various stone-colored balls in their place using a crane. In the end, you have to save and go through a small corridor like a cave that will lead to the tower. While being at the top of the tower, move as far as possible on a plank and wait for Wyvern to appear. 

    Wyvern will appear around you and there will be a spot where it will be quite close. When this is close enough to get under the attack, the auto-attack prompt will appear for you. You can start the animation (by Square for PS and X on Xbox) where Sonic will jump over to the Wyvern to begin the Chaos of Emerald. 

    The battle will begin but it won’t be easy. Wyvern will keep moving to shake Sonic off its body. Sonic will fall on a kind of digital trail but it will regain its control. Keep moving on the trail by avoiding the projectiles on your way by using the L or R buttons. 

    Keeping moving and getting back at Wyvern’s back. Get the last Chaos Emerald and turn into Super Sonic and now Phase 1 begins.

    Defeat Wyvern Phase 1

    Use all your might for the Sonic Frontiers Metal Music. Be merciless and try to regenerate the Rings while fighting. In this stage, you have to dodge missiles from Wyvern (by pressing L1 and R2 on PlayStation, or L and R on Xbox). Be patient and keep holding. The button till the missile comes your way.  You can dodge the missile for a combo attack. 

    Next, Wyvern will try to attack you with its head but again you can dodge that attack and create a window for you to attack it with another combo attack. Keep your spirits high till its energy gauge drops to half and phase 2 will start.

    Defeat Wyvern Phase 2

    Lasers and rage to fight are all you need in this phase. Keep the missiles and when Wyvern tries to get to you, do a parry. Release the buttons and hold them again to counterattack for a combo to open up.

    As soon as the Wyvern energy goes down, a QTE event will occur. It will be similar to the fishing minigame that happens in-game before. Be careful with this event because if you fail to complete it a few times then the game will be reset to the tower part. So no hurry take your time and complete this event smoothly.

    In the end, you have defeated the Sonic Frontiers Wyvern with a good strategy and timing attacks. for more guides stay tuned to Retrology and Keep progressing through the game with the SuperSonic speed.

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