GamingPlatformGuide to defeat The Darkest Tales Pinocchio Boss

    Guide to defeat The Darkest Tales Pinocchio Boss

    The Darkest Tales is a complicated and intriguing story filled with well-known characters and fairytale settings. Throughout the voyage, you will be forced to confront the hardest concerns, issues, and bosses. Here’s a guide for one of the bosses you’ll encounter in The Darkest Tales, Pinocchio with details on his attacks on their counters and eventually defeat him.

    Attacks and their Counters

    The Pinocchio is a wooden body that is controlled by the Doctor. In this way, the Doctor is the main Villian. He is attacked by the Wooden body and controls it like he wants to.

    Mega Slap (Left or Right)A full swing of the arm which can go in either direction; left to right or opposite. It would sweep over the whole standing space.Check the time it takes to move the arm and thespeed of the motion. Then time the jump accordingly and jump over it.
    Super Hammer PunchA single punch whose effect goes beyond the area it lands.Run away as much as you can to avoid it. You can also jump to avoid it if you don’t have an area to run.
    Double Hyper PunchA double version to Super Hammer Punch.Run away as jumping from this can be hard. It leaves a small space to save yourself so just run to that corner.
    Simultaneous Double SlapBoth of his arms would come forward and try to grab you in an instant.Running won’t help. Just jump at the right time to avoid it/
    Brutal CycloneBoth arms stretched it will spin like a top.Jump really high and use any special if you have to as it will go on for a few seconds.

    Process of the Fight

    In the beginning, try to defend yourself and analyze the attacks. He is known to push one attack after another so just sit back and defend yourself. See his attacks, and wait for your turn. After a couple of repeated attacks, see if he has stopped for a second. If he has, this is your chance to charge up.

    He will then come out of the wooden structure and that’s the only time you can take its life. Attacks as much as you can. If he seems to be retreating, don’t stop until the wooden structure starts moving again. Even if he is on his way moving up, you can still land hits on him.

    It will only take you three tries of attacking the Doctor to finish this boss. The fight is slow but easy enough to get you through easily.

    Hopefully, this is all you’ll need to know for The Darkest Tales boss, Pinocchio. For more aid in games, check out Guides on our site Retrology.

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