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    Guide to defeat Supreme in Sonic Frontiers

    Sonic Frontiers is here with new thrilling adventures for you to experience as Sonic paces past picturesque scenes and fights the trickiest of bosses in this latest installment. Supreme is the final titan you will fight and the second last boss you will encounter in the game. 
    However, Sonic cannot battle the formidable Titan bosses by himself. He will have to unlock the Super Sonic to defeat them. Enemies in this update are unlike those you have experienced before in Sonic. They are stronger and smarter, so you will need a great strategy in order to defeat them. 

    In this guide, we will let you know how to defeat Supreme in Sonic Frontiers.

    Prerequisites for fighting Supreme

    By now you would be aware of the routine preparation and leveling before a fight but if you haven’t been yet, you should consider fishing and quickly increasing Sonic’s stats before the fight. If you want to float through it, playing on easy or normal is the trick. 

    Phase 1

    Supreme puts up a fight similar to that of Giganto. The first phase will have stuff being thrown at you so rapidly leaving you dazed.


    Make sure to avoid yellow projectiles and get close to bigger red diamond-shaped satellites to be able to destroy them with your attack combos.

    Sonic Frontiers Supreme

    Supreme will automatically hit you and Super Sonic will be launched far back, after which the boss will shoot multiple yellow lasers at you that must be dodged. The lasers will return to the sender to destroy all of the satellites at once, creating an opening to get in close to Supreme’s head and let him have it.

    The next is a melee attack that can be dodged and countered with a Triangle and the Circle button for massive damage.

    Phase 2

    If your difficulty level in the game is not too much then you will not have to repeat the attacks you made at Supreme in phase 1 to bring it to phase 2. 

    Sonic Frontiers Supreme

    Supreme flaps its wings and shoots into the sky to hit you with yellow projectiles making you deal with a lot of damage. This makes approaching the boss and his satellites harder. 


    Even though Supreme changes into an entirely new form, the tactics for this phase remain the same. Destroy the satellites and parry everything. When parrying several projectiles, remember to release the parry buttons before pressing them again. After trying to evade him for a bit, hit Supreme directly with some advanced Sonic special moves you have already unlocked like Homing Shot and Cross Slash.

    Sonic Frontiers Supreme

    Supreme will then draw his rifle and fire an energy blast directly at you. You will need to be vigilant and hit another QTE. Hit it at the right point and time and the battle is over. 

    This was all about how to defeat Supreme in Sonic Frontiers. For similar content, keep following Retrology

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