GamingRole-PlayingGuide to defeat Maven in God of War Ragnarok

    Guide to defeat Maven in God of War Ragnarok

    The monstrous villains from God of War Ragnorak will give you chills. One of them is The Maven. Her attacks with speedy moves will leave you stunned with her combat skills. God of War Ragnorak Maven will surely be tough to defeat and will be a true competitor. Let’s learn how to kneel her down.

    How to defeat Maven in God of War Ragnorak

    How to defeat Maven in God of War Ragnorak
    How to defeat Maven in God of War Ragnorak

    This brutal lady will meet you in a quest for Elven Sanctum favor in Alfheim. She looks like a light version of an elf, just like Alva. But she is very tougher than her because she’s very brutal with her attacks and moves faster. You can defeat her if you know you understand her attack strategy. Let’s begin with the number of attacks that might face.

    Sword Cross

    This attacks the cross-shaped projectile missile that she will throw at you. You will know when you will see the red circle on it. This is an un-blockable attack that you cannot prevent so you need to avoid them. You can try a sidestep or a roll to dodge it.

    Spear Slam

    This is another melee attack where she closes the distance between you two. This follow-up by a number of attacks and then end the fight by slamming you on the ground using her spear. This one is easy to avoid as you can move away to increase the distance. Start to move away father as you see the red circle as this is an area-of-effect attack.

    Double Sword Stab

    This attack can be used in your favor. Your proper strategy can help deplete her health. This attack is one where she attacks you with double swords twice. To stop this attack you can use the shield bash. If this shield bash works well, then you will notice her health reduces. Wherever you see these attacks coming, press double-tap L1 to stun her and this will reduce her health.

    Sword Throw

    This attack is a tough one as she will attack you with several swords twice. For the final attack, she will fire her swords again at your low health. You have to stun her to stop her attack. Try to get out of its way as this can reduce your health as soon as you get hit.

    If you have understood all about these attacks, you can protect yourself better. You are halfway to your victory.

    Extra Hacks to try to beat Maven

    Players find her difficult to defeat because she’s fast with random attacks. So here is my tip for you whenever you find her attacking you, just stun her to stop her. You can also break her fighting momentum by parrying her yellow and blue rings. To deplete her health, use Blades of Chaos over the Leviathan Axe and stay close to her. When she’s stunned use Spartan Valor to heal yourself quickly. Once her health drops make good use of your Runic Attacks o her.

    This guide will help you defeat her in the easiest way. As it has provided all potential attack options and better strategies to try. You can also visit the Gaming page of Retrology for more such gaming assistance in your challenges and quests.

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