GamingRole-PlayingGuide to defeat Bruce Wayne solo in Gotham Knights

    Guide to defeat Bruce Wayne solo in Gotham Knights

    The superheroes of Gotham Knights are not giving up on Bruce Wayne. And we stand with them for the best of Gotham. The main story is coming to an end. And now, it’s heroes against Bruce. I will tell you the back story of Bruce and help you in Gotham Knights defeat Bruce Wayne scenario. Let’s begin now.

    Gotham Knights: Bruce Wayne

    The billionaire prince of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne aka Batman is the former guru of the Gothan Knights heroes. Abd was considered to be dead. The main antagonist till Case File 8 was concluded to be Talia al Ghul. But never had ever crossed the minds of the heroes and players that Bruce would be against his own family.

    Lazarus Pit.
    Lazarus Pit.

    All credit goes to Langstorm’s research that created Lazarus Pit. This pool of bizarre chemical mixture has affected Bruce. He got exposed to it countless times and he got soaked in it numerous times. This wiped his memories, corrupted his morals, and turned him into a brainless fighter. And turning him against his heroes he stands for Gul’s new general and trump card.

    Defeating him is easy if you have got a plan with your team ready. This will be a level stage that you can surely handle. Let’s start eh fight.

    How to Defeat Bruce Wayne Solo

    How to defeat Bruce Wayne Solo
    How to defeat Bruce Wayne Solo

    Batman can be defeated smoothly with strategic planning. He will very fast and has a powerful fist. His attack combos are 4- a shot attack and the last one isn’t possible for you to miss. The worst part of his attacks is his teleportation abilities, thanks to Lazarus Pit.

    He disappears in thin air and reappears at another place making it difficult for players to cope with his next punch. As he hits the ground, take no time to increase your attacks to reduce his health. My recommendation is to use Batgirl as her beatdown will slow down his counterattack.

    Remember to be aware of his ground pound. As it will leave the players in unstable condition to make their next move. And try to keep dodging the piercing combos, so you can reduce his health to 60% or below.

    Once it’s down, he will kneel and you can approach him. This will accelerate his anger to push the players back in the air. Maintain your attacks shower. And when he kneels for the second time, this is another opportunity for you to make him remember who he is.

    Momentum attacks will surely deplete his HP faster. As his health is totally down approach him and hell shift out from Gul’s brainwash. The fight is over here.

    Bring back Batman
    Bring back Batman

    Finally, we got our Batman back. Despite all the combat and fights, you are happy to have our heroes back safe and sound. This combat against the hero was easy with Gotham Knights defeating Bruce Wayne’s guide. In case you need help regarding other quests and adventures, check the Gotham Knights guides for better guidance.

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