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    Guide to counter Garen in League of Legends

    Garen is among the game’s most frequently used top laners. He is also occasionally adjusted into the mid-lane. Because of his popularity, learning how to win a game against Garen would be extremely beneficial to you. To help you, this guide will discuss the tips and champions counter to Garen in League of Legends.

    Garen is a tough fighter who does a lot of damage. He’s strong enough to tank shots while running towards enemy carries, then deals enough damage to carry. Unfortunately for you, one of his major flaws is enemy team synergy, which is why he excels at lower ranks. He’s vulnerable to CC and team bursting, but he’s an excellent duelist, especially when dueling his target.

    Tips to Counter Garen

    • Avoid staying in a lane with low health because Garen’s ultimate deals massive damage to targets with low health. So recalling and regenerating is preferable to rushing.
    • Avoid Garen’s combination. Garen’s damage is well-known. When she comes charging at you, simply steer away and wait.
    • When fighting Garen, try to keep your distance as much as possible. If he catches you with his spin, he does a lot of damage.
    • Poke him as much as possible to mitigate the effects of his passive health regeneration. Poke him with long-range auto-attacks during the laning phase. Marksmen are the best champions for this task. Punishing Garen when he attempts CS is a great counter-strategy.
    • Garen suffers greatly from champions with high mobility and hard CC (Teemo). Take advantage of this when selecting your champion.
    • If you have any slows, keep them until Garen uses his Q, or they will be removed. Make sure to provoke Garen to use this ability before fighting him.
    • Attack him every now and then to break his passive. Perseverance heals a lot of wounds. Higher elo players keep an eye on the cooldown of this ability and time their attacks to counter it.

    Items Best to Counter Garen

    • Executioner’s Calling: Garen is countered by any item that has a Severe Injurious effect on it. One of the keys to defeating Garen is to reduce healing with Grievous Wounds. Morellonomicon can be purchased by AP champions.
    • Draktharr’s Duskblade: All lethality items also counter Garen. Garen typically builds one or two armor items, so penetrating him is required.
    • Zhonya’s Hourglass: Although it is only an AP option, it can be timed to soak Demacian Justice.
    • Guardian Angel: This item is an excellent buy at any stage of the game. It enables you to make a mistake and still win a fight.
    • Sunfire’s Cape or Randuin’s Omen: Garen primarily deals physical damage, but his ultimate deals magic or true damage. Tank against him by stacking health with an effective shield built-in.

    Champions Best against Garen

    Camille vs Garen

    Camillie League of Legends
    Camillie League of Legends

    Camille is an expert at dealing with Garen’s abilities. She has enough damage and defense to make a good trade during the laning phase. Camille can bounce off a wall and retreat whenever Garen rushes to hit her. Her good mobility and heavy attacks serve as a good counter to Garen

    • Camille’s E is simply amazing in this matchup and should be used frequently.
    • Camille can successfully escape Garen’s entire combo if she does this. Be extremely cautious once Garen reaches level 6. Dropping below half health at any point during a trade may result in you being executed by Garen’s Ultimate.
    • Garen has no way of farming from range and must instead get into melee range. If you keep the wave close to your tower, you can scare Garen away from farming if he refuses to accept a trade.
    • Attack him with your Q before he lands his Q to absorb most of the damage, then counter with the second part of your Q for a large chunk of true damage.
    • Once you’ve made a trade, poke Garen with your W to keep him from healing from his Passive. Make sure to hit him on the outside edge to help him heal.
    • Be extremely cautious once Garen reaches level 6. Dropping below half health at any point during a trade may result in you being executed by Garen’s Ultimate.

    Kayle vs Garen

    Kayle League of Legends
    Kayle League of Legends

    Kayle is one of the best champions to use against Garen. She is a scaling pick with unrivaled burst and sustained damage, as well as the ability to supply strong utility by giving herself and her allies brief invulnerability. Kayle’s versatile itemization allows her to be a physical, magical, or even hybrid damage threat.

    • Her E gives her a significant advantage over Garen, and she can attack him whenever he attempts CS.
    • Kayle also has a consistent self-healing ability and enough CC (slows) to keep Garen at bay.
    • Kayle’s basic attack’s projectile speed is the second highest in the game making her a faster target for a tank and close-range Garen.
    • The most important aspect here, however, is her ultimate – Divine Judgment. Kayle can use this ability to block Garen’s initial burst damage at the start of the fight. She can also save it and activate it later to soak his ultimate instead.

    Ryze vs Garen

    Ryze League of Legends counter to Garen
    Ryze League of Legends

    Widely regarded as one of Runeterra’s most skilled sorcerers, Ryze is an ancient, hard-bitten archmage who must bear an impossible burden. With Ryze, you can quickly clear waves of minions and keep pocking Garen constantly, and you have the ability to paralyze him when he wants to attack.

    • Allow him to come into range, or his silence will render you useless. Be wary of ganks because that’s the only time he’ll be able to kill you.
    • Ryze is a solid choice with good scaling. He begins the game very weak but gradually scales up to late-game compatibility, allowing him to compete with Garen.
    • His Q passive has a built-in bonus movement speed that is useful against Garen.
    • His teleport ultimate can also get you out of the way of Garen’s powerful attacks.
    • Scaling with items/runes is excellent. As the game progresses, he gains strength in both attack and defense.

    Quinn vs Garen

    Quinn League of Legends counter to Garen
    Quinn League of Legends

    Another excellent choice to counter Garen is Quinn. She has long-range auto-attacks that deal critical damage on occasion. Quinn can dodge a lot of his heavy attacks with her high mobility and still counterattack when needed.

    • Garen can use his W to reduce the effect of Quinn’s abilities, so spread them out rather than blowing them all at once.
    • Quinn’s Q, Blinding Assault, has two effects: blinding and disarming. This is extremely useful when playing against champions such as Garen who come into melee range.
    • Garen’s power increases dramatically after level 6, but so do you. Poke as much as you can and get ready for a lethal dive with your R.
    • Use large minion waves to put pressure on Garen, preventing him from compensating for your poke. After level 3, slowly push the waves to force Garen to make a move on you.
    • Quinn has high mobility and can easily get away from Garen by bouncing off of him with her E. This power allows her to gain distance or slow her target.

    Teemo vs Garen

    Teemo League of Legends counter to Garen
    Teemo League of Legends

    The smallest champion, Teemo is not really a good agent to fight off against Garen anyone but he is on this list as his attacks can be effective for keeping him at bay.

    • Most of Teemo’s attacks ate long-range projectiles making him a good champion to attack Garen and also take his health.
    • He has a really strong laning phase and can be played in the beginning to clear the way for other members.
    • Teemo can tell map information and control objectives with his shrooms. His shrooms can inflict poison on contact slowing the enemy down. For Garen who is already a bit slow, this works effectively.
    • Teemo is more of a support player against Garen as he doesn’t have anything good to attack a strong payer like Garen on his own.

    That’s it for all the tricks and champion information regarding counter to Garen in league of Legends. For more guides, check out the guide section on our site Retrology.

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