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    Guide to counter Ahri in League of Legends

    One of the first champions you are offered in League of Legends is Ahri. She is a mage and a good player if you know how to play with her. She is one of the A-Tier champions which shows how loved she is. As your opponent, she can be quite brutal. So, if you want to secure a win against her, this guide will be helpful for the tips and champions counter to Ahri in League of Legends.

    The movement speed of Ahri can be countered as she becomes almost immobile while casting her spell. Champions with long-range poke can deal with Ahri. This is because she can’t gap close without her Spirit Rush, and she needs a lot of mana to stay in lane.

    Tips to Counter Ahri

    • Ahri’s charm is everything. Stand behind minions or predict how she’ll throw it to prevent her from hitting you with a big combo.
    • Punish her severely if she fails to use her charm. Her Orb of Deception should be easy to avoid, and she won’t have much to do in return or run.
    • Many Ahri players will use their ultimate just before attempting a kill to line up their charm. If you see this, prepare to dodge or flash as needed.
    • If she uses Spirit Rush to reposition in a team fight, try to get your team to jump on her because she can’t dash again for a short period of time. This makes eliminating her very simple.
    • Make frequent wards. Ahri enjoys roaming, and if your team doesn’t anticipate it, it can be disastrous.
    • When Ahri’s ultimate is on cooldown, her survivability drops significantly, so try to kill her during that time.

    Items Best to Counter Ahri

    • Rod of Ages/Void Staff: A tanky item would be a good pick against Ahri. Both the Rod of Ages and the Void Staff are excellent choices.
    • HexDrinker: If you’re a mid-laner, a simple hex drinker as your first item will make you nearly impossible to deal with.
    • Banshees veil: Building a banshees veil will both reduce her damage output and force her to pop the shield with an orb of deception or fox fire; keep in mind that charm’s cooldown is much lower than the banshees veil’s passive cooldown.
    • Mercury’s Treads: Purchasing it allows you to avoid her charm and at least one-half of her Orb of Deception.

    Champions Best against Ahri

    Talon vs Ahri

    Talon League of Legends
    Talon League of Legends

    Talon is like an assassin so he is used for strategic builds. His win rate as a counter to Ahri is because of his quick planning. He can finish her off if she attacks her when she is alone or while she is using a charm.

    • While avoiding the charm is up to the player, what makes Talon special is his ability to close the gap with Ahri quickly.
    • Talon has a lot of burst damage that can completely destroy Ahri if he gets into melee range with her.
    • When Ahri’s R runs out, she becomes immobile, giving Talon plenty of opportunities to finish her off.
    • Talon can use his attacks to defeat Ahri in a single hit, especially ultimate. He is fast and has strong attacks making Ahri weak against him who needs support when alone and used up her charms.
    • Ahri needs time to start her charm and this can be advantageous to Talon. Swoop in just before the attack and inflict damage. Make sure to dodge if you miss.

    Diana vs Ahri

    counter to Ahri
    Diana League of Legends

    Diana is a nightmare for Ahri because Ahri lacks the damage to deal with her incredible base stats, shield, and ideal build paths. But there is a condition that you need to be skilled at using Diana to your advantage.

    • Only go all in after level 6 if you’re ahead or if she misses charm or q. If you dodge her Q, for example, and then hit your Q, she’ll be dead after your entire combo.
    • After 3-4 items, you have more damage than she does, so you can simply kill her frontline before she kills yours.
    • Don’t chase her because she’ll always have a backup. She can also kill you if her cooldown expires during the chase.
    • Diana can gap close Ahri much more efficiently, making her a much more viable counter.
    • Diana can use her Q to mark an enemy with moonlight and then dash to that enemy with her E. Her E ability has no cooldown as long as an enemy is marked by moonlight.
    • She can track Ahri down if she attempts to flee and then use her to easily burst her down. Dodging Ahri’s charm, on the other hand, will be dependent on the player’s skill.

    Fizz vs Ahri

    counter to Ahri
    Fizz League of Legends

    Given Ahri’s track record against melee champions, Fizz is an exception and a good counter to Ahri. She has incredible mobility and is one of the few champions who can actually catch and kill an Ahri who uses her ultimate to flee.

    • Play it safe and concentrate on farming unless she walks into range. Concentrate on farming and avoiding her Qs. If you get hit by a few, you might not be able to find an all-in in the future.
    • When Ahri walks up to the farm after level 3 and up to level 6, use your W and Q to auto-attack her and then E on top of her to get a good trade onto her. Ideally, try to entice her E before making a trade.
    • If you land your ultimate, it’s almost always a sure kill, and even if you don’t, you’ve done enough damage to force her to back down.
    • With good timing, you can dodge and successfully land multiple attacks on her while she is on cooldown.

    Anivia vs Ahri

    counter to Ahri
    Anivia League of Legends

    Ahri is a mage who also works as an assassin. Assassins or any champion with burst damage will struggle to get through Anivia.

    • She can also use her Ultimate to keep Ahri confined to her tower, preventing her from roaming or assisting her allies.
    • Only use Q defensively, as Ahri has the potential to all in and kill you, blow Summoner Spells or even force your Passive if you don’t have your Q up.
    • To avoid her E, sidestep after retreating when trading. Your pathing will be mostly scripted, so mix up your gameplay to make it less obvious.
    • Keep towards the side and back from the minion wave. Ahri will try to push the wave as quickly as possible, and if you’re standing inside the wave, she’ll be able to push and poke at the same time. Keep a safe distance from the minion wave while remaining close to it.

    Pantheon vs Ahri

    Pantheon League of Legends

    Pantheon is in the role of Fighter and thus has strong attacks. His spear can cover a considerable distance and land good damage so it’s better to use his spear counter to Ahri. The distance can help you dodge her attacks so it’s better to stay away.

    • Buying Nights Edge will make you immune to her charms and she won’t be able to charm you for free.
    • Keep dodging her attacks and jump to attack her as soon as she reaches cooldown. This may even let you land a combo on her.
    • After level 6, use your ultimate and attack Ahri while she is immobile or on cooldown. You can track her through the wild lanes.
    • Pantheon is very strong in the beginning so he is a good champion if you want to weaken an enemy before everyone else joins in to attack.

    That’s it for all the tricks and champion information regarding counter to Garen in league of Legends. For more guides, check out the guide section on our site Retrology.

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