Guide to Complete the Deadeye Penance in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

    The Veteran Sharpshooter has his penance to be complete. You should have good aim power and make the kill in one shot. But let me warn you, let it will never be easy and complete a lot of missions. Warhammer 40K: Darktide Deadeye Penance guide will be easy for you to follow as it will get you the missions completed and get your shots right.

    Warhammer 40K: Darktide Deadeye

    The Deadeye Penance is to test your limits and push them even further. It will be your mission to complete missions with rough conditions. You have to complete different conditions and it might seem impossible to many players. You need to sharpen your aim skills and get your shots better.

    How to Complete the Deadeye Penance

    For this challenge, you have to kill notorious villains by hitting their weak spots. The first condition is to use the Secondary Action from any weapons on Heresy. It is on difficulty level four or higher. The second condition is to get this task done with a single shot of Volley Fire. This penance is still far than if your arent on level 30. Players at level 30 can complete this penance.

    For this level, you have to select the weapons that need to have good precision. You shouldn’t be using automatic and burst weapons because they have a high chance of wasting your time and shots by hitting spots that aren’t weak. Weapons like Laspistol or Plasma shouldn’t be used as they are good at the range but lack precision at shots.

    As for Lasguns, you have two options to choose from. The Infantry Lasguns are a good choice as they are semi-automatic and can take down enemies easily. The Helbore Lasguns are another example of guns that can prove to be great sniper guns. It is your call to choose your weapon for the penance but I would recommend Helbore Lasguns for this challenge. Here is my recommendation for the excellent feat build for the Deadeye Penance.

    • Level 5: At Arm’s Length
    • Level 10: Sniper
    • Level 15: Covering Fire
    • Level 20: Camo Expert
    • Level 25: Deadshot/One After Another
    • Level 30: Counterfire

    This feat build is excellent because it has many supporting systems for the players and Volley Fire. As compared to other levels, level 25 is comparatively easy as Deadshot can have a high-skill roof. If you possess this one, you are a lifesaver. As for level 30, Counterfire isn’t a good choice to make at this moment.

    For this challenge to be completed successfully, you need to practice your aim focus, teamwork, and survivability. It will soon complete the Deadeye penance with these guidelines. Warhammer 40K: Darktide Deadeye Penance guide is great for good assistance with proper strategies. If you’re looking for more guides of Warhammer 40K: Darktide then check the guides archive of Retrology.

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