GamingHorrorGuide to complete Nobody's Fool trophy in The Quarry

    Guide to complete Nobody’s Fool trophy in The Quarry

    Developed by Supermassive Games, The Quarry was definitely one of the most anticipated games of June 2022. This interactive drama horror video game is easily one of the most unique games out there. The Quarry allows players to change the direction of the whole plot and storyline by controlling nine teenagers and their decisions. The game is fully packed with drama and the developer Supermassive Games has made sure the game is going to be anything but boring.

    The game also has numerous achievements to unlock, and one such achievement is the Nobody’s Fool trophy. With every decision resulting in a different scenario, players might get confused about how to unlock this achievement. If you’re also one of them, then worry no more because you’ve come to the right place. Here we have for you a guide to completing the Nobody’s Fool trophy in The Quarry.

    Now, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the guide.

    Unlock Nobody’s Fool trophy

    There are numerous methods to get the Nobody’s Fool trophy in The Quarry, but right now we will just focus on one of those that worked the best for us. However, before going any further, do keep in mind that this guide will have some major spoilers.

    The main criteria to get your hands on the Nobody’s Fool trophy is to make sure that Emma gets infected by a werewolf and Jacob does not and both Emma and Jacob survive till chapter 10. Here is everything that you need to do in order to get Emma infected and survive with Jacob till chapter 10.

    Get Emma infected

    Emma from The Quarry

    When you get to the tree house in chapter 4 with Emma, make sure that you select the “Search Bag” option. After that Emma will come face to face with a monster, here you will have to choose the “Use Taser” option. Now press the “Take Photo” QTE which will make the monster attack and chase Emma.

    While she runs, make sure that you successfully press every QTE and select the option “RUN”, keep on pressing QTEs till Emma reaches the Tree Hutt once again. Now select the “Use Trapdoor” option and then miss the next QTE, missing this QTE is very important as this will get Emma infected. Once done, keep progressing till you successfully escape the monster.

    Shoot the werewolf

    When you find something moving inside the van in chapter 8, the werewolf will come out of it and will run towards Abi. Shoot at the werewolf and it will drop to the ground. Now for the second time, you will come into a situation where a werewolf will run towards you, here once again shoot at it but make sure that you use the “Regular Shot” instead of the “Silver Shot”. This will injure the wolf and it will run away.

    Save Jacob

    Nobody's Fool trophy in The Quarry
    Puzzle in The Quarry

    In chapter 8, make sure that you choose to help Jacob and not abandon him under any circumstance. When Ryan chooses to assist Jacob in the Hackett home’s basement cages you will now have three chances to enter two combos that will free Jacob from his cage. Select breakers 2 and 3 in the first and for the second one select breakers 2 and 1.

    Cure Emma

    After progressing through the game, when you will come to the end of chapter 10, here you will find yourself in a situation where Chris has now turned into a monster and Ryan will get an option to shoot him, make sure that you shoot and kill Chris and since Chris bit Max and Max bit Emma, this will cure Emma’s infection.

    Jacob and Emma’s conversation

    The last phase will take place in Chapter 10, Jacob will be able to encounter a blood-caked Emma. In this conversation make sure that you pick “Honest”, “Remorseful” and “Apologetic”. This will result in Jacob apologizing and telling Emma the truth about the car sabotage, and your achievement for the Nobody’s Fool trophy will be successfully unlocked.

    That is all on guide to completing the Nobody’s Fool trophy in The Quarry. To know about Unlock all Characters and Outfits in Evil Dead: The Game or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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