Guide to Church Of Vows in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring offers its players many exhilarating locations to visit and roam about. Lands Between stay enriched with worth-visiting castles and colossal churches. 

    However, you will find that most of the areas you come across are brimming with lethal enemies and ferocious bosses to defeat. If you need a place away from all that chaos, just to relax and recharge the gamer in you, Church of Vows is where you need to go. 

    This article will cover everything you need to know about the Church of Vows Elden Ring. 


    You will find this church on the east side of the large swampy area at the center of the Liurnia of the Lakes region. It is situated on top of a plateau on the eastern landmass.

    Church Of Vows in Elden Ring

    Path to Church Of Vows

    There are more than one ways to get to the Church of Vows:

    The most direct way to reach it is to start at the Eastern Tableland site of grace and head west along the road, which is patrolled by a few enemies. Follow the main road, and veer west when it forks.  Head uphill through the graveyard to reach the entrance of the church.

    An alternative route is to follow a portal in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. It is not far from where you fight Moongrum and where the giant metal ball rolls down the long steps. From the Debate Parlor site of grace, head outside to the courtyard, keep to the right and then cross over to the long staircase.

    NPCS and Merchants  

    You will be welcomed to the church by Miriel, Pastor of Vows: Steward of the location. He will share his knowledge of Incantations and also teaches the Magic Glintblade and Carian Greatsword sorceries. 

    church of vows elden ring

    The latter of these is particularly powerful, with a long-range that makes it useful in combat.


    The only boss you will come across here will be the Bell Bearing Hunter Boss. Head to the church at night to battle this boss. It works best if you rest at another site of grace, pass the time until night, fast travel to the church grounds, and then enter the building when night has arrived.

    church of vows elden ring

    To defeat him, go for a melee-based approach to inflict blood damage. After you defeat him, the roaming bounty hunter drops the Meat Peddler’s Bell Bearing.


    Unfortunately, there aren’t any specific important items for you to collect in this region.

    Upgrade Materials

    You can get your hands on the following upgrade materials: 

    • Golden Tailoring Tools
    • Gold Sewing Needle
    church of vows elden ring


    You will find yourself to be equipped with the:

    • Magic Glintblade
    • Carian Greatsword
    • Blessing’s Boon


    You will be greeted by Miriel, Pastor of Vows, upon your arrival. He will share the story of the church with you and talk about Sorceries, Incantations, as well as Lore related to Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and Lord Radagon. Check the right side of the church’s entrance for a chest with useful items.

    church of vows elden ring

    Interact with the statue of Lady Rennala placed at the center of the church and atone for your sins. If you possess a Celestial Dew, this will reverse any antagonization you have with NPCs! However, if the NPC has been killed, atonement cannot revive them. 

    You will be able to fight a Bell Bearing Hunter boss if you reach the church at night. But if you are having trouble spawning the boss, rest at the Site of Grace outside, advance til night, and then rest once more. The boss should spawn afterward.

    This was all about the Church of Vows Elden Ring. There are numerous other tips and tricks, weapon and map locations, and more on our Elden Ring guides at Retrology.

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