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    Guide to beat Scorned Magnamalo in Sunbreak (Monster Hunter Rise)

    Developed and Published by CAPCOM, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the latest installment of the Monster Hunter Rise franchise and has just been released on the 30th of June 2022. This latest addition is now also available on Steam for you to purchase. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has occupied the screens of many players after it introduced a new adventure island, deeper gameplay, new enemies, and some old ones also returning this time.

    One such enemy is Scorned Magnamalo, who is known for its purple hell fire. Nevertheless, defeating this enemy can be quite difficult for many players, so in this guide, we will be discussing his attacks, weakness, and strategies in order to make it easy for you to beat Scorned Magnamalo.

    Scorned Magnamalo

    This is yet another version of Magnamalo that is much more aggressive than a normal Magnamalo. Scorned Magnamalo is always covered in purple hell fire and even has larger arm blades and harder armor plating. You can find this monster at Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, and The Citadel.

    Main Attacks and Moveset

    Scorned Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    Chopping tail blade: Magnamalo will strike its tail at anyone who is in front of him, this strike will penetrate the ground and he will be stuck there for a short time, make sure that you make the best use of that time.
    Scorned Canon: The monster will move its tail in the air in a circular motion and after gaining enough energy he fires the elemental rays several times.
    Ruthless Canon: Once again he will move its tail in the air in a circular motion and will shoot at the targets once he gains enough red-glared energy.

    beat Scorned Magnamalo
    Scorned Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    Frenzy: This one is definitely the most critical attack of Scorned Magnamalo, he will roar in order to gather energy and will start attacking every target in the arena. The frenzy will automatically end after he attacks the farthest target which will create an explosion.
    Sliding Charge: The monster will now use its arm blades, he will lift his arm in order to gain energy and once he has enough he will it to the ground harming everyone in its path.

    Weakness and Resistance

    While fighting with Scorned Magnamalo, always keep in mind that he is weak to water(3-star), thunder(2-star), and ice(1-star) while on the other hand, he is resistant/immune to fire and dragon.

    Beat Scorned Magnamalo

    Scorned Magnamalo is quite unpredictable in many of his attacks especially when you are at close range, always make sure that you are not so close to the monster so you can first judge the attack. However, his melee attacks are something that you don’t have to worry about much.

    beat Scorned Magnamalo
    Scorned Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    Scorned Magnamalo will also get enraged during the fight and when he’s enraged he can fire quick fatal rays. This attack is quite impossible to dodge if you are way too far from him, a middle to close range is preferable. Riding monsters like Weyren is definitely a good option to go for.

    You can also use other monsters to distract Scorned Magnamalo which is one of the most effective ways to beat Scorned Magnamalo and is also one of his weaknesses. Make sure that you take full advantage of his distraction and at the same time always stay ready for his attacks that can come anytime. Riding other monsters to fight Scorned Magnamalo is definitely a good choice here.

    beat Scorned Magnamalo
    Scorned Magnamalo from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

    His attack Frenzy should always be taken seriously as it’s one of his most crucial attacks. During Frenzy, the monster is up to attacking every target in the arena once he gains enough energy after roaring. Your best option here will be to leave the whole place, move out of his way and stay as far as possible until the Frenzy is over.

    Other than all this, make sure that you always keep an eye on his tail since it’s his most used weapon toward its targets. After following all these strategies, you will eventually be able to beat Scorned Magnamalo in Sunbreak.

    That is all on the guide to beat Scorned Magnamalo in Sunbreak (Monster Hunter Rise). To know about the Guide to unlock Thronespire in Lost Ark or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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