GamingGuide to beat Glumstone the Giant Boss, Cuphead DLC

    Guide to beat Glumstone the Giant Boss, Cuphead DLC

    Cuphead is a 2D sidescrolling run-and-gun video game created by siblings Chad and Jared Moldenhauer as Studio MDHR. It got really famous on its first installment so they decided to make a sequel. Cuphead DLC is the second part of the story and in this story, we encounter Glumstone as the giant boss.

    Glumstone the giant boss is one of the new additions of bosses to the Cuphead franchise, coming in the DLC version. This boss may be found on the island’s northeastern edge, near the climbing competitors.

    Now, let’s got to know how can we beat Glumstone the giant boss.

    Process of defeating Glumstone the Giant Boss

    It is not as easy to beat Glumstone the Giant Boss compared to other bosses. He is quick to change attacks and the change in his phases brings more problems.

    Phase 1:

    Glumstone the Giant Boss phase 1
    Glumstone the Giant Boss phase 1

    Phase one is just filled with so much happening that you barely get the chance to attack. The best time to attack is by staying on the top pillars. You will only need to go down from there when the geese fly by. Keep jumping around and you will get through this tedious phase. Hold down the fire button even if you’re not shooting at Glumstone to keep these nasty monsters off your screen.

    • Naughty Gnomes: You can see some spikes poking at the bottom of the screen. These spikes are heats of gnomes and they can come out of there occasionally to hinder your movement. Some will smash the pillars. Some will spring up and block your movement. The deadliest are the ones who shoot small balls at you. So first off, beware of them.
    • Potion Makers: These are in the mouth of Glumstone. they are two gnomes who are mixing up stuff and throwing it at you. These are easy to dodge as only one at a time can reach you.
    • Geese Hoard: The boss occasionally puts up the Geese sign which brings a whole hoard of these birds to fly through. They only pass over the top of the screen so you can stay safe by being on the lower pillars.

    Phase 2:

    Glumstone the Giant Boss phase 2
    Glumstone the Giant Boss phase 2

    The second phase is much easier with a little more room to run around and dodge the attacks. To speed up the process, use the special on either of the socks. Believe me, it saves a lot of time. Also, keep track of the ball used by puppets. Count to 4 each time to keep track of when you can attack the most and when to dodge.

    The gnomes this time are not really on the ground much so you don’t have to worry about them.

    • Gnomes Tossing: Yes, gnomes are still here. This time with a new trick of tossing themselves around the space like a ball. It’s annoying but this time, they are easy to avoid.
    • Puppet Ball: Glumstone will now bounce a ball around the arena using two sock puppets on either side of the screen. It will only bounce once on the ground before reaching the other side, taking four seconds between tosses. The trajectory of the beanbag is determined by where the puppet holds it. If he is lower to the floor, the beanbag will bounce close to him, whilst holding it high assures that the beanbag lands towards the middle or by the other puppet.

    Phase 3:

    glumstone the giant boss phase 3
    Glumstone the Giant Boss phase 3

    This is the last stage and you are swallowed by the giant. There, inside him, you see five skeletal platforms which are your only space to move. The thing you have to hit is a ball of muscle at the top which moves a lot. This is the hardest part as these platforms are not always five and can get down to only two at one time.

    The drumsticks are food for them and when they get one, they dive into the acid, giving you fewer platforms to move through. The main thing you have to focus on is moving so the best way to get through is to use high-power attacks. Use special attacks as much as you can (also prep yourself beforehand for this).

    This is a pretty hard stage so good luck in fighting them.

    • Drumsticks: The food for skeletal platforms that fall from the muscle above. They won’t harm you but can take away your chance of survival.
    • Darts: They may not look harmful as they are mid-air but considering you have to jump most of the time, they can be a great hindrance.
    • Bones: Similar to drumsticks they fall from above but with the intention of hurting you and not as food.

    That’s it on how to beat Glumstone giant boss. He sure is a hard one and we hope this guide may have helped you. We have also covered how to fight the Moonshine Mob Boss.

    For more guides, do check out our guides section for more boss fights and detailed information.

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