GamingTurn-Based StrategyGuide to beat First Forge Challenge in Marvel's Midnight Suns

    Guide to beat First Forge Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

    Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG set in the Marvel Universe. In it, you battle alongside and form alliances with classic Marvel characters like The Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and more. It is no doubt one of the interesting takes on a turn-based strategic type of game that can challenge you along the way. With some of those harder challenges, some require more tactics than usual. One of those is the First Forge Challenge of Marvel’s Midnight Suns and this guide will help you complete that.

    First Forge Challenge

    The ultimate aim is to break the Crystal, which will give you just Knockback cards and a few opponents, but the Crystal is impervious to being pushed by Knockback. Immediately after starting, choose a Charge card to move the bottom-left Whisper of Memory up directly, being cautious not to strike anything. This is the one you want to knock into the Crystal.

    It is your responsibility to place an adversary near the Crystal and whack them into your target for a single critical KO hit before the turn ends. To achieve a KO, use a Charge card on the top-left Whisper and knock it into a wall, then position yourself right behind the Whisper you just moved up.

    Move the first Whisper between the two mounds of rubble with a Charge card. Use a Charge card on the bottom-right Whisper, knocking it into a wall to KO it and obtain its Whip card.

    Use your final Charge card to move the remaining Whisper up next to the Crystal. Knock it into the Crystal with your Whip card. You’ll get Bladestorm, which you may use on the second Crystal to finish the battle swiftly.

    The main thing you need to remember is to go all out for this battle. You need to learn how to make the most advantageous use of the cards by utilizing their full potential. The usual difficulty curve does not apply here. It encourages you to utilize your spatial sense to appreciate the advantage of Knockback, especially Forceful Knockback, and how it may still be highly useful for inflicting damage.


    For the rewards, you earn the Midnight Sun legendary fighting suit, the Shadowstalker legendary passive, and the Bladestorm heroic card for victory; this is all for the character, The Hunter.

    All of these skins are nice to have and can work as a collectible or just a fun item. You can just have the rewards as proof of winning the battle, even if you don’t like it. Either way, it’s a win.

    Hopefully, this guide helped you with defeating First Forge Challenge in Marvel’s Midnight Suns easily. If you follow the tips you have a good chance of winning easily. Anyways, good luck with the battle. And if you want, you can check out other guides here in the gaming or guides section.

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