GamingFirst-Person ShooterGuide to all unmarked luglox locations in High on Life

    Guide to all unmarked luglox locations in High on Life

    In the epic world of the High of Life, there are many areas for you to explore and enjoy the open world areas for you. You need to explore many sites and have fun collectibles in your stock. There are some unmarked locations apart from marked ones so you can explore them yourself. Here, I will guide you to the High on Life Unmarked Luglox locations so that you get the proper guidance through areas and reach the spots.

    High on Life: Unmarked Luglox

    This unmarked luglox will be in various locations. This guide will help you to get all the luglox that will get you to those spots and get a rapid increase in points. Let’s begin with them.



    Let’s begin with the pre-story. At Space Applebees, you have an expository talk with Kenny. As you finish, you will be instructed to return back to your home. But before you reach there, you will fight G3 goons in your way. After that, you can reach home. As you arrive home, you will be teleported to the home planet of Gatlian, Gatlis.

    Head towards the front door, and get outside. Move to the right side of the house to see a riding horse statue from a distance. Move towards it by passing through a lethal atmosphere and breaking a shield. As you enter, your vitals will get low. There will be the first luglox. Collect into your inventory.

    Quiet Cottage (3)

    Quiet Cottage (1)
    Quiet Cottage (1)

    For this, you have to purchase the Quiet Cottage warp disc. If you have one, you have proceeded. If you don’t have it, then here is what you have to do. Go to Blim City, reach Blorto’s Chef Stand, and purchase it. You can have it for 10 Warp Crystals. You will surely have it in your inventory. In case, you’re short of it, you can easily collect or farm it by clearing Warp Bases in Zephyr Paradise.

    In Zephyr Paradise, you can get warp bases at specific spots from the base. By killing all G3 goons, you can claim the crystal. Following the same process, you can collect the 10 crystals, and buy the disc. Next, you have to get to your destination of the lower valley in Zephyr Paradise.

    high on life unmarked luglox
    Quiet Cottage (2)

    Teleport to get over there and reach the valley bluff spot. Here you can use the Quiet Cottage Warp Disc. As you use it, another portal opens and you see a cottage in there. There will be a signboard Welcome Home with three chests in it. These are the chests that you need to collect by shooting at them and taking the loot.

    Skate Park

    high on life unmarked luglox
    Skate Park

    Same as for the Quiet Cottage warp disc. You can purchase it from Blorto’s Chef Stand in Blim City. As you purchase it you can go to the upper valley and reach the Skate park. Here you will see three teenagers enjoying time together while sitting on a quarter pipe. Here you will have 1 minute to do any movement to gain 42,000 scores.

    Basically, you can repeat any movement to gain the score. You will have attempts as well. In case you fail to reach the score. you can attempt to do that again. As you reach the score, you will see the final luglox. Shoot it and gain all the rewards.

    In the end, you have collected the High on Life unmarked luglox from all the locations. Marked will be easy and unmarked will be tough to do so. For more such gaming content, check the Guides page of Retrology.

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