Guide to all the Atlantic Wall Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5

    The latest installment in the Sniper Elite franchise offers a truly action-packed and immersive experience to its players. The game got released on 26th May 2022 and until now it has had somewhat mixed reviews. The game is set in 1944 France where Karl Fairburne fights to uncover the Project Kraken. The developer and publisher Rebellion has released Sniper Elite 5 after almost 5 years of releasing Sniper Elite 4.

    However, some players are not at all satisfied with the gameplay calling it almost “identical” to the previous installment. Previously we have also covered Guide to all Spy Academy Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5. In this article, we will guide you through all the Atlantic Wall Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5.

    Classified Document 1/4 – Resistance Captured

    Towards the beginning of the mission, you’ll have to neutralise an officer as you approach from the shore. Look for the boathouse key in his possession.  Unlock the boathouse. The collectible can be found on the table just across from the door.

    Workbench 1/3Rifle Benchwork

    Head up the stairs after meeting up with Blue Viper and pick the lock on the door with the Nazi inside. Kill him and go to Workbench 1/3 – Rifle Workbench in the armoury.

    Personal Letter 1/6 – Picked Some Violets

    A small shack may be found on the far eastern edge of the map, just south of the radar tower, by the side of the main road. The collectible is on top of some cases.

    Stone Eagle 1/3

    There’s a house off in the distance that you can’t go to opposite Picked Some Violets. The Stone Eagle is perched atop the chimney. Shoot it with your sniper rifle.

    Classified Document 2/4 – Lacking Air Support

    There’s a safe you can blow open with Satchel Charges beneath the radar tower, near to the room where you need to use the crowbar to overload the generator. The collectible is inside a safe along with a bunch of ammo and bandages. 

    Classified Document 3/4 – Atlantikwall Report

    There are a couple of townhomes near one of the anti-air weapons in the northern area of the map, directly west of the radar tower. There’s a safe in the kitchen that you’ll need Satchel Charges to access. Inside, you can find the collectible.

    Personal Letter 2/6 – Violets are Wilting

    In the same building as Classified Document 4, head up the stairs and climb the ladder. You are now in the attic. The collectible is on a desk which is surrounded by radio equipment.

    Starting Location 2/3 – French Countryside

    The above map shows the starting location for the French countryside.

    Classified Document 4/4 – Beach Defenses

    A safe can be found in the shack in the north-western area of the map. To go inside, either loot your enemies or use a Satchel Charge. The collectible can be found inside.

    Workbench 2/3 – Pistol Workbench

    There’s a small hut in the north-western section of the map, immediately above the gun battery, that you’ll need to either use Satchel Charges or steal a key to enter. Here you will find the collectible.

    Hidden Item 1/3 – FFI Flag

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    The Hidden Item 1 is on a draining board next to some washed dishes in the farmhouse’s cellar, near where you exfiltrate on the map’s western side.

    Hidden Item 2/3 – Radio Tin

    A farm can be located at the centre of the map, east of Steffen Beckendorf’s location. The collectible can be found on the table in the stable area.

    Personal Letter 3/6 – Upcoming Delivery

    There’s an outhouse in the middle of the map, on a tiny farm east of where Steffen Beckendorf is located. Climb the ladder on the westernmost side by sliding under a wooden plank. Among the crumpled papers on the floor, you will find the collectible. 

    Personal Letter 4/6 – Violets Don’t Wilt

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    There’s a safe in one of the hotel’s upstairs rooms on the western side of the map, approximately north of where you need to look for Steffen Beckendorf. You can find the collectible by using Satchel Charges or looting the code from an officer.

    Stone Eagle 2/3

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    Where Personal Letter 4 was located on the roof of the hotel, on the western side, you will find the Stone Eagle 2/3. If you can get close enough, you can shoot the Stone Eagle with a pistol.

    Hidden Item 3/3 – Resistance Photo

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    Go to the pharmacy in the central plaza in the beachside town on the western side of the map. The collectible can be found on a table opposite the bed on the second floor, above the shop.

    Stone Eagle 3/3

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    Vantage Point (depending on the difficulty you’re playing on) is a building located in the south-eastern area of the map, near to the beach. On top, of it is the final Stone Eagle.

    Workbench 3/3 – SMG Workbench

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    On the westernmost area of the map, in the resistance safe house. When looking for Marcel’s Key in the attic, look just across from his body and you will find the collectible. 

    Personal Letter 5/6 – Boches at the Door

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    One of the locations you must visit in order to acquire intel to advance your mission is downstairs in the main living room section of the resistance safe house. The collectible is on a sofa under a painting.

    Personal Letter 6/6 – Pests in the Garden

    Atlantic Wall Collectibles Sniper Elite 5

    Follow the pier out into the sea in the map’s south-western corner, beneath the resistance safe house. A table with the last Personal Letter is located beneath the gazebo.

    This is all on the Atlantic Wall Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5. For more guides and gaming content head over to Retrology.

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