Guide to all Spy Academy Collectibles in Sniper Elite 5

    Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person strategic shooter computer game created and distributed by Rebellion Developments. This is a guide on how to collect spy academy collectibles in the game.

    The game elements a few huge levels, which give players different chances to invade and separate. At the point when the player kills a foe utilizing a marksman rifle from a significant distance. Consequently, weapons in the game can be altered broadly.

    Spy Academy Collectibles

    The Spy academy collectibles can be used in the game for multiple purposes and hence are an important relic. Furthermore, We will explain briefly how to collect all the Spy Academy collectibles in the game.

    Stone Eagle 1/3

    The stone eagle can be found in the castle on the Sniper Elite map. It is located inside the high tower in the castle.

    stone eagle collectible

    Stone Eagle 2/3

    The second phase of collecting the stone eagle collectible begins in the Kraken market. The gamers can find the locations easily on the sniper elite 5 maps. This will help them collect the second stone eagle collectible.

    stone eagle collectible

    Stone Eagle 3/3

    The third stone eagle collectible is found in the Kraken market also. Moreover, you need to do is to shoot and break the eagle statue. However, the statue is located on top of the hill at Kraken market.

    stone eagle collectible

    Personal Letter 1/5

    Another cool relic in the game is the personal letter collectible. Consequently, this can be found in the castle at which the players land at first. This is how to find the personal letter relic.

    personal letter

    Personal Letter 2/5

    The second part of this collectible can be found easily on the bell tower in the main tavern. The location can be found easily on the map.

    Personal Letter 3/5

    The third collectible can be found in the Kraken market in the fountain on the main tavern. The location is added to the map.

    Personal Letter 4/5

    The second last collectible is found inside the bell tower near the horn. Hence, The location is pointed to on/ the map make sure to follow.

    Personal Letter 5/5

    After, completing Kunkel’s mission only you can acquire the fifth personal letter. This can be found inside Kunkel’s diary located in tavern square.

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