Guide to All New Weapons in Destiny 2 Season 18

    For shooting-loving players, another season of Destiny 2 is out. New season, new weapons, Much more with adventures and useful resources like Darkness Rift Locations. Bungie has extended the game with events, challenges, and new seasons. Here, we will assist you with Season 18’s weapons that you will need in the Destiny 2 Weapons guide.

    Destiny 2: Weapons Guide from Season 18

    Bungie’s Destiny 2 has released its latest season entitled “Season of Plunder”. The new season has given a lot of main storyline content for players to know about. New gears to line up and stunning stock of new arms and weapons are here. Not only for the Second pass but also for the normal gameplay activities.

    Season of Plunder has come up with a list of weapons that will win each battle to start in this sci-fi game. Better start to know which weapon is the best. And also, where you can find them.

    Exotic Weapons of Season of Plunder

    Delicate Bomb

    Delicate Bomb by Bungie
    Delicate Bomb by Bungie

    Top of the list is the Delicate Bomb. This amazing fusion rifle has the trait of the Traitor’s Vessel. This remarkable weapon with broad holders never misses its shot. In the battle when using the Delicate Bomb, it might produce the Ionic Trace. Or your rivals can generate it.

    Ionic Trace gets to the person you generate sit. And if you collect it, it provides a grenade and class ability energy. Luckily, it has the Tempest Cascade trait. The gun thrust upon the next hit. This creates a lightning chain that hits all the nearby enemies of the target.

    Delicate Bomb is free for all the players with the Season Pass. And you can get a reward of Rank 1 as a premium rank reward on the Season Pass. If you don’t possess a season pass, then don’t stress out. You have to make your way up to Rank 35. And then, you can have the weapon for free.

    Quicksilver Storm

    Quicksilver Storm by Bungie
    Quicksilver Storm by Bungie

    The kinetic auto rifle that has the trait of the Rocket Tracers is the Quicksilver Storm. This mini-missile launcher can hit numerous times. And also, launch a grenade. To switch from a normal rifle to a grenade launcher, hold the reload key/button. This will leave no place for enemies to step up again.

    Quicksilver Storm can be purchased as a bundle of Lightfall Expansion with the Season Pass. It also consists of an Exotic emote and ghost shell, with an emblem.

    Legardeny Weapons of Season of Plunder

    Legardeny Weapons of Season of Plunder
    Legardeny Weapons of Season of Plunder

    New or existing weapons have made their way to the new season. And here is the list of them. And where you can find them.

    Brigard’s Law

    This sidearm is a primary energy slot weapon. And it’s craftable too. You can obtain it in the Season Pass reward.

    Blood Feud

    Blood Feud is a submachine gun. And is craftable. You can obtain it from the activities of the Season of Plunder.

    No Reprieve

    No Reprieve is a special shotgun. And is craftable. You can get it from the activities of the Season of Plunder.

    Tarnished Mettle

    This scout rifle is an arc weapon. This can be crafted too. You can get it from the Season of Plunder activities.

    Sailspy Pitchglass

    Sailspy Pitchglass is a fusion rifle that you can be crafted. And can be acquired from the Season of Plunder activities.

    Planck’s Stride

    Sailspy Pitchglass is a heavy-duty machine gun that can be crafted. And it is the reward of Season Pass.

    The Destiny 2 weapons guide will the weapons and arms in detail of Season 18 is done here. These powerful weapons can be yours. Get the Season Pass or upgrade your Ranks for these to be in your hands.

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