Guide to all Gordo locations in Slime Rancher 2

    As you explore your way through the lands of Slime Rancher 2 filled with keyed-up slimy little fellows hopping about, you will come across some very useful locations. While you’re on an adventure across these locations, collecting all kinds of important items, you will come across some enormous creatures called Gordos.

    Unlike other slimes that you have come across in the game, these do not hop about but stay pretty committed to their place. As it was in the original Slime Rancher game, you will have to fill these hungry slimes up in order to pop them so they can reveal a new passageway or item for you. 

    Gordos are not hard to find and are scattered across the same key locations i.e. the Conservatory, Rainbow Fields, Starlight Strand, and the Ember Valley. It is better to fuel up your feed for the Gordos as these creatures are definitely not on a diet. 

    Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations

    In this guide, we will lead you to all the Slime Rancher 2 Gordo locations:

    Rainbow Fields

    You will come across three gordos here.

    Pink Gordo 

    Food Preference: anything

    Location: You will see this guy on the western most area of the Rainbow Fields. Do not head left up the hill but circle around clockwise till you find him.

    Reward: water spout to Ember Valley

    Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations

    Cotton Gordo

    Food Preference: Veggies/Water Cabbage

    Location: Find this gordo south east of the Fabricator port on the Rainbow Fields.

    Reward: Switch to reach Starlight Strand

    Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations

    Phosphor Gordo

    Food Preference: Fruit/Cuberry

    Location: From the Conservatory home base, go south and head down towards the beach area where your boat is docked. You will find a cave opening.

    Reward: Treasure chest 

    Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations

    Starlight Strands

    This place has five Gordos for you to find dispersed among the plains and cliffs.

    Hunter Gordo

    Food Preference: Meat/Roostro

    Location: Follow the path till you reach the large area with the locked door in front of you. Make your way up the hill to the left. Keep walking uphill and you’ll be led to your Gordo.

    Reward: Treasure Chest for Azure Bushes 

    Honey Gordo

    Food Preference: Fruit/Mint Mango

    Location: Use the portal and go south till you reach a waterfall and a river cutting directly across your path, this is where the Honey Gordo will be overlooking the river.

    Reward: Chests containing Tall Pink Coral Columns and a Tank Liner 

    Angler Gordo

    Food Preference: Meat/Sea Hen

    Location: Head over to the sandy beach area from the map, this is where you will spot the Angler Gordo.

    Reward: Spout to allow you to reach where you came from faster

    Flutter Gordo

    Food Preference: Moondew Nectar

    Location: You can find him in front of a cracked door with the glowing light at the Central Southern area. 

    Reward: Research Drone and a Starlight Strand Portal

    Ringtail Gordo

    Food Preference: Anything 

    Location: From the cracked door, head east till you reach a stone Bridgeway that has this Gordo. If you come here during the day the Ringtail Gordo will be frozen in stone so make sure to return at night.

    Reward: Teleporter back to the Rainbow Fields.

    Ember Valley

    Five more Gordos can be found here so make sure to look!

    Boom Gordo

    Food Preference: Meat/Stony Hen

    Location: You will find him in the far west of the island deep in the volcano region.

    Reward: Research Drone and two treasure pods. One will have a diamond, and the other will have an Ember Valley Portal

    Batty Gordo

    Food Preference: Fruit/Pomegranite

    Location: You will meet him at the lowest area west of caves.

    Reward: An additional pathway to reach the Volcano area

    Crystal Gordo

    Food Preference: Veggies/Odd Onion

    Location: Head to the north of Ember Valley till you reach the deep chasm. Hes there right below you.

    Reward: Spout that will let you return to the previous area easier

    Rock Gordo

    Food Preference: Veggies/Heart Beet

    Location: Head to your left and you will come across a dangerous looking area. Go into the cave here and use Boom Plorts to open the locked door, or use the geometry to fly up to the Rock Slime.

    Reward: Spout that will take you to a Jetpack Drive

    Tabby Gordo

    Food Preference: Meat/Stony Hen

    Location: Head over to the northmost part of the valley and to the chiasm. You will find this Gordo on a pillar.

    Reward: Teleporter that will return you to the Rainbow Fields

    This was all about Slime Rancher 2 Gordo locations. For more guides, keep following Retrology. 

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